What the scale says...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I've been a bad bad blogger !!!

If this isn't proof that it takes a village to slim a woman I don't know what is !!! I stop blogging for a week or two because midterms were just driving me nuts and what do I get for that...up 2..down 1...up 1..down 2...up 2 and it goes bouncing all around. WHY ? well dud maybe cause I'm sitting here eating a freaking chocolate chip cookie while I'm writing this !!! Silly Jacquie cookies make you fat !!!! So I will make my pledge to never abandon my life line cause I now know that TEMPTATIOn and stress are in cohoots with one another and they are the masters of disguise !!!!

So now that mid-terms are over it's time to get my ass in the gym and catch up on the blogs !!! I feel like I've been stranded on flashcard island and my exit visa just came through !!! FINALLY !!!!

I've missed you all so much !!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

And the winner is....

Hola people !! i apologize for my late posting with the challenge winners but WOW things are REALLY picking up at work and especially with school so I am on a TIGHT time crunch !!! So I want to apologize ahead of time if I'm a little flaky the next couple of weeks with my blogging and catching up with your blogs but promise as soon as things settle down I'll be back on track !!

Given my time situation last week I asked for volunteers to take over these weight challenges. I think they are a wonderful resource and a hell of a motivator and would hate to see them fall by the way side due to my hectic schedule !! Happily Kristen has volunteered to take these challenges over and we should be hearing of a spring one soon !! So stay tuned to her blog for details !!

I want to congratulate all the ladies to took on this 6 week challenge to focus on learning to love ourselves, our new bodies, minds and selves !!! We all did a fantastic job and loss a combined weight on 161 lbs !! ( LOL that's my goal weight !!!) and the weight of a full grown adult..can you believe that ??!!! Nicole did a super duper job and lead the pack with a final loss of over 7% of her body weight !! Great job girl !!!!