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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

new year, a new me and new hair

I read an excellent post on Sally's blog where she listed a bunch of positive words to live by for the upcoming year and I thought it was just a marvelous idea !! So I choose ALLOW as my 2010 word. This upcoming year I plan to ALLOW my true self to shine through. I will ALLOW myself to love myself and enjoy all the wonderful work I have done for myself this past year. I will allow me to be me to my fullest potential and most importantly I will ALLOW the me that has been trapped inside all these years out to run, scream, laugh and play. So with that I decided to take the first step and give the new me a new look !! So what do you think...??

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's Gen and Linda to the finish line...

I wanted to post the last 2 week of results of my biggest losers challange know that where getting down to the wire. All these girls have done an utterly amazing job especially in these ever so tempting weeks !! All of them have served as a great mountain of support and inspiration to me through out these weeks and kept me motivated to do my best, so ladies take a bow because you are all definitely stars in my book !!!

So as it stand now it is a total neck to neck battle between Gen and Linda with only a fraction of a number in total pounds loss during these 10 weeks !! SO WHO WILL IT BE ?????

Monday, December 28, 2009

Disney Holiday lights

Hola people ! I'm still trying to get back to the norm with all my posting and everything but I wanted to give you guys a peak at a video from the Disney Spectacle of Lights display at the MGM Studios. It is based on The Osborne Family's million christmas lights display and it is simply breathtaking. My 2 yr old niece was just blown away by all the lights and was actually clapping at the end of the dancing lights show..it was soooo cute !!
I will post other video's a pics tomorrow but wanted to get this one up as soon as possible. See ya'll tomorrow !

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Santa came to town and gave me...

2 days of a stomach virus!!! Yay what a wonderful thing to have at
Xmas time ( not!!!). I'm just getting back to my normal self..... I think?
I'll be testing it today but for the past 2 days I've sat by as yummy leftovers
were had and even the occasional cookie was savored as I sipped on
my water ! Boo- hoo !!!!
As soon as I can get some real food into me I will post about my
little monkey ( who I so miss already :( ) and our adventures in Mickey
land !!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A quick hello from mickey mouse land....

Hola people, just wanted to give a quick hello to all from my christmas vacation with mickey mouse. I'm spending christmas with my sister and my mom and my gorgeous yet ever so active niece who will be turning 2 soon ! The days have been full of laughter with plenty of baby hugs and kisses, so y'all understand why I havent been posting this past week !! I'll be back in full swing next week with all the updates on the holiday biggest losers challange as well as some pics of my adorable niece !


BTW...yes the seat belt on the plane fit just perfectly and there was more than enough room to move around in total comfort !!! YES !!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A few good tips...

If there is one thing that I learned quickly in this process is that it's all about making smarter decisions so that the weight will come off without the usual cost of starving or deprivation of food. My one key rule that I have stuck through since starting this journey and that they also suggest below is cutting the calories in liquid. I never realized how many calories I was drinking away without really getting anything from them. Nowadays I substitute my drinks for strickly water and when I want a sweet treat I mix a pack of the grape propel mix ( 50 calories) into a bottle and it is a wonderfully great and yummy sweet treat without the calories of juice.

I foudn this article below withy some really good tips on how to cut 200 calories from our everyday which can really amount to a big difference come weight in day...although I have to say that I could never do their coffee trick...coffee is sacred !!!

13 Easy Ways to Save 200 Calories a Day

By incorporating even one of these smart tweaks from diet and nutrition writers into your day, you could lose up to 20 pounds a year!

By Cheryl Brody

Substitute Yogurt for Mayo

“When making tuna salad, use 2 percent Greek yogurt, about 75 calories for half a cup, instead of mayonnaise, about 450 calories for half a cup. Greek yogurt has the same texture and creaminess as mayonnaise but far less fat and calories. I use the tangy Greek yogurt as a lower-cal replacement anywhere I’d regularly use sour cream or mayo.”

Skip the Cheese

“Build a healthier sandwich: Hold the cheese because two slices can add up to well over 200 calories. Load your sammie with low-calorie veggies or go gourmet with slices of apple and pear.”

Make Over Your Milk Shake

“I love milk shakes, but at 420 calories for a small strawberry fast-food shake, they can be a real diet breaker. So when I’m in the mood for one, I blend a cup of 1% milk with a cup of unthawed, unsweetened frozen strawberries and a teaspoon of agave nectar for a delicious and satisfying cold treat. It’s only about 170 calories, which is a savings of 240 calories.”

Save Your Salad With Salsa

“When ordering salad out, ask for salsa or pico de gallo instead of dressing. Many restaurant-size servings of dressing have around 300 to 500 calories. Using salsa, even half a cup of it, will likely save you hundreds of calories and dozens of fat grams—half a cup has 35 calories and almost no fat. And salsa rocks on salads.”

Beat the Office Munchies

“Every afternoon at work, I tend to want a snack. With small chocolates in my co-worker’s nearby office—five mini chocolate bars are 210 calories!—and a vending machine down the hall that’s calling my name, I avoid the temptation by chewing a piece of fruit-flavored sugar-free gum. Sugar-free gum comes in all kinds of fun, tropical flavors these days like sangria and pina colada, so I feel like I’m indulging even though I’m not.”

Embrace Water

“Many people forget that calories you drink count too, so I try to be aware of what I consume in liquid form and drink as much zero-calorie water as possible. Simply cutting out a 20-ounce bottle of regular soda saves more than 200 calories. Plus, when I’m hydrated, I can more accurately tell whether I’m actually hungry.”

Pop Your Own Corn

“Next time you go to the movies, bring your own popcorn. Microwave kernels in a brown paper bag and use a little nonstick spray. Season them to suit your mood: savory with garlic powder and sea salt, sweet with cinnamon and a few dark chocolate chips, or ‘cheesy’ with sea salt, chili powder and nutritional yeast. It’s delicious and tastes just like cheese with fewer calories!”

A Breakfast of Champions

“Instead of the average 450-calorie cream-cheese bagel, I have a Thomas’ English muffin with two tablespoons of fat-free cream cheese for a similar taste that saves about 300 calories.”

Invest in a Steamer

“Food steamers save calories and your time. Before I got my steamer, which has multiple layers, so you can cook your entire meal at once, I would usually pan-fry salmon in oil or butter or cover it in sugary teriyaki sauce and bake it. Both of those methods add so many unnecessary calories. Now when I get home from work, I throw veggies, brown rice and salmon with a lemon slice and some fresh parsley in the steamer. It absorbs all the flavor, and it tastes so fresh that way. It takes 15 minutes, so I avoid fatty takeout.”

Slim Down Your Strawberry Shortcake

“In the summer, I particularly love strawberry shortcake at a barbecue. I bake my own angel-food cake, slice it thin and throw it on the grill for a few minutes instead of using a biscuit—that cuts about 100 calories right there. Then I use a balsamic reduction—cook the vinegar down slowly until it’s about half the volume it was originally—and drizzle it over the strawberries and cake. The flavors are so elegant, and no one misses the whipped cream, which would usually tack another 100 calories onto the dessert.”

Give Mashed Potatoes a Healthy Twist

“For me, mashed potatoes are the ultimate comfort food. To make your potatoes healthier, try using equal amounts of potato and another mashable vegetable, like cauliflower or turnips. Not only is this reducing the calorie content, but you’re also adding extra nutrients to your plate. To add even more flavor, replace butter and whole milk with a small amount of tahini and some fat-free yogurt.”

Create Your Own Chips

“Instead of snacking on tortilla chips and salsa, I make my own pita chips in the toaster oven. I cut a whole-wheat pita into small triangles, spray them with no-calorie cooking spray, sprinkle with salt and toast for about two minutes. They taste just as good as regular tortilla chips but without the added calories and fat. You can even add garlic salt, cinnamon or paprika to jazz them up.”

Coffee, Hold the Milk

“Instead of a latte, order your coffee drink Americano style, which is espresso with water instead of milk. A 12-ounce Americano is 10 calories versus the same-size latte made with whole milk, which comes in at 180 calories. Nix the sugar—two packets are 30 calories—and you’ve saved yourself 200 calories.”

Monday, December 14, 2009

Holy crap batman..I'm in the 200's...

yeah folks that's right..I could bearly beleive it when I stepped on the scale....there it was a 2 followed by a 0 !!!! Holy crap !!! That means that I have officially loss 60+ lbs, that the equivalent of losing my niece off my body...

It seems like this last fill that I got maybe doing its job and giving me restriction. I am having things happen now that didnt before...some with some slimey consequences !!! But morning time...dont even try to eat anything solid ( good bye pancakes ), my friendship with even toasted bread seems to be a fleeting relationship at this point and eating more than a cup even when I want to because it's really yummy...oh no!!
I really thought that I had the handle on the ins and outs of this band thing, but now I see that this is an ever learning process and that they're are consequences is you try to challange it !!!

It is week # 7 in the holiday challange and this week Sarah's the leading loser ( YAY Sarah !!) with a big fat 5 gone for good !! Great job girls keep it going only 3 more weeks to go !!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

okay..okay I know..

Yes I know that I am SOOO delinquent this week in my postings, but this week has just been INSANE !! Every possible thing just HAD to be done at work and not to talk about the meetings on the side...man, it just felt like it went on forever and ever and ever...WOW ! By the looks of it, I'm not the only one !!!
Well only one more official day of work on monday and that's it till January. I'm off to sunny (?) orlando for a week of my baby fix ( with my niece).

This week has also been difficult with the tracking and the eating and the going to gym. I only made it 2 this week and my tracking has been awful !! Good thing is that I pretty much can gauge my intake at this point but there were a couple of meals that while I didnt go crazy or anthing, I didnt make the best food choices...popcorn 2 this week, chinese beef, dumplings..you get the idea. My portion control has been pretty consistent though and I do think that this last fill that I had on friday is giving my restriction, which I still need to get used to...hence the PB episode at subway earlier this week !! ( YUCK!). It's funny I find that it's easier to lie to people and just explain my PBing by saying " Morning sickness, it's a total joke" then to actually explain things....funny huh?

I failed to post the results from this sundays weight in earlier in the week, so here they are and BIG CONRATS to this weeks new leader KAREN with a 5lb loss...WOO HOO way to go Karen !!!

Okay long enough post for tonight....

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Shopping trip for NY/NJ bandsters...

I was just trying on some of the "new me" clothes and realized that it would be great to go shopping with a bunch of girls that would understand the giddiness I feel in shopping for all this smaller size clothes. So I was wondering if there are any NY/NJ bandster girls up for a little shopping trip ?? I'm thinking the week between Christmas and new year since the deals should be good that week. Besides I COULD ALWAYS use a new bag....

Let me know what you think...

Almost out of the 210's..

Hola people, WOW I just feel like even though school's over I have all this stuff to catch up on !! But I did manage to get my 5th fill this last friday. It was a small one of only 0.2cc since both my surgeon and I feel we might be getting close to the sweet spot. I have a total of 6.5cc in my band and am noticing that my restriction is somewhat there, also I am losing intrest in alot of common foods !! I no longer really even want bread of anytype. I havent had a band friendly snadwich in weeks !! rice, which I LOVED, I take 1 or 2 spoons and done with that.

So besides being almost out of the 210's...I'm at 210.2, which is huge for me since I havent seen a number in this range for maybe 5 years or so ??  Most definitely wayyyy before I was married !! and on top of that I'm almost at the 60 lb loos mark ( I'm at 58.8 lbs gone..YAY !). BUT the best part was that before I stepped in the shower this morning, I lined up my toes on the tile line, stood up straight and looked down...AND OH MY GOD..I SAW THE TIPS OF MY TOES. WHAT??!!! yep you heard me the belly no longer shadows everything that exsist under it's reign !!  Yes,sir that's right I'm putting the piece back in their place and the boobs...beware your next !!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Katie Jay Article..

Some of her views I may not totally agree with like in some of her articles  but I like to read and post her stuff in hopes that we can all take home a part of the message that will help us in our journey. BTW I did read her book "dying to change" which was very eye opening and insightful. If anyone wants it, please post a comment or send me an email mrscutecuban@gmail.com

Dear Small Bites readers,
I was talking to my neighbor yesterday, as she was returning home

from a cookie-exchange party. She recently shared with me that she

has been diagnosed with type II diabetes and is now on medication,

but we didn't discuss that yesterday. She talked cookies.

It's like she lives in two different realities. One involves going to

the doctor and taking the prescribed medication, the other involves

making choices that completely undermine her treatment.

I've been like that most of my life. I complained about how I felt

all the time, and continued to eat in a way that was perpetuating my

poor health and everything stressful that comes with that.
In my new life, as a coach, I help people find ways to stay connected

with their healthiest reality -- the one that can bring them a deeper joy.
It's not so much about getting people to do things my way. It's about

helping people to find a way they can live with, that supports their most

dearly held goals and aspirations.

During this holiday season, I plan to skip the cookie exchanges. They

never turn out well for me :o). Instead, I'm going to invite friends to

go on Christmas-light walks and to meet for movies. And I'm going

to practice gratitude.
Peace to you,


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Back to the routine...and some normalcy

Well my final exam is tommorow and then I get to breath till mid january..phew !! I'm kind of glad to be back to my trusty & comforting routine...this week of excess cooking and eating was actually very distracting and disturbing !! I know we're suppose to be able to just carry on and eat whatever we want, but is it weird that I dont want all of that stuff ?? I'm as happy as a pig in mud knowing that I get to eat my greek yogurt and my milk and sensible lunch. Maybe a cheese stick here or there and some peanut butter or something...but all the mac& cheese and ham and turkey and on and on and plate after plate was just disturbing in some way...has anyone else felt like that ???

Also back on track was my workout routine. And man after not working out in almost 5 days...my God was that a TOUGH step class on monday..Youza ! And then I guess in a sub-concious way I wanted to punish myself so I decided to take this Tabata Challane class today..yea good job buddy..OUCH !!! For those who dont know what the tabata challange is..well it's a HELL of a workout !! 1 hr of a non-stop circuit course with spinning, immediately followed by jumping jacks, then run over to the step and do mountain climbers, then up and over to a step with 3 risers and jump straight up and lunge, then  back to the bikes and do it all over again...WOW...we'll see if I ever attempt that again.

I had a mini-goal 2 weeks ago of hitting 210 today to try to make it to 199.9 by Jan 1st. Well while I did manage to loose 0.8lbs this torturous week, I am not at 210. I am still very happy with my progress since I am down 12.3 lbs this month and who knows if I work my but off ( meaning more tabata challange) I might still make that 199.9 goal..which would mean 14.2 lbs in a month...oh boy...well BRING IT !!!

WOW that was a rough week

okay people here are the numbers for week 5 of the holiday biggest losers challange and I have to say that although it was definitely the biggest challange food wise that I've faced so far I still managed to make it out with a slight loss ( DAMN EGGNOG !! WHY MUST IT BE SO GOOD!!) Well it's a new week and time to get back on track.

Kinzie takes the lead this week !! GO KINZIE !!