What the scale says...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Still catching up......

WOW I cant believe how freaking fab everyone is doing !! I STILL have a ton of catching up to do but just wanted to say how proud of y'all I am...just for starters... Jen is looking so totally bootylicious in her new dresses...Cara has hit the one year mark and is just a super fantastic role model both inside and out...Angie just continues to rock it...etc etc I still have so many of you to be amazed by! The one thing that I've realized throughout my self inflicted exile is that support is the name of the game. For me while I haven't gained weight I haven't loss weight either there past 4 months...maybe it was all the stress...maybe it was the not having the time or discipline that I was so rigorously following before...maybe it was this or that but I do know that the one thing that is a definite no brainer in being successful is that kick in the butt that you ladies so lovingly and readily give to keep the line moving down...which is a very welcomed kick in the butt if I do say !!

So as I try to regain my momentum I am sadistically requesting some extra kick in the butts to get me moving again...he he !!!

On another note here are some pics from graduation.. the hubby didn't get any pics of my super rocking size 14 Calvin Kline little number under the gown but I'll just have to take another one...I'm proud as hell of fitting into that little beauty !!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm back and with some great news !!!

WOW !!! These last couple of months have most certainly been a roller coaster full of incredible high's and some pretty deep low's !! But at last I have emerged from my most thrilling ride and along with me is a little piece of paper that I am so glad to have and that sure as freaking hell gave me a hell of a headache this past semester to get my hands on !!! While my weight has remained in a solid 188 ( no budging even with a fill) I feel great and so pleased with my accomplishments that I really have no reason to bitch. I loved every minute of my graduation that took place this past monday in Pennsylvania and I mostly loved that I rocked it in a size 14 Calvin Kline little white dress ( yay baby!!)

So I promise to try to catch up with the goings on that I've missed...it feels like I've been living outside the city walls. I am sure that you all have made tremendous strides in your journeys and cant wait to read all about it....so I guess I better get to reading and typing !!!

MUAH :-*