What the scale says...

Saturday, October 31, 2009

FFC's Holiday Biggest Loser's Challange

Hola all !! Just a reminder that tommorow Nov 1st is the official start of my holiday biggest losers challange. Just a fun way to keep us all motivated during the ever so tempting months ahead. The winner of the challange will receive a gift card to either Origins or Victoria Secrets to pamper themselves or a signigicant other with their slimming sexy body. So here are the rules:

  • In order to participate in the challange you must be one of my followers
  • Have had been banded within the last year or will be banded or started liquid pre-op diet by the 1st week of Nov.
  • Must weigh in weekly on sunday's beginning tommorow Nov 1st
  • Must send an email to mrscutecuban@gmail.com with your weeks current weight.
  • Must send a picture of you on the scale on the first weigh in Nov 1st and the last on Jan 1st.
  • Have fun losing the weight and gaining confidence and awesome curves !!!

A Good and Bad and then Good day...

Like most I had been dreading halloween actually gettting here ! Dont get me wrong I LOVE HALLOWEEN, I just dont love all the candy and sugary temptations that come with it. That being said today was a Good and then Bad and then Good again kind of day. It started of great because all ofthe morning a great big bag of all my favorite choclates sat on my desk for the at work trick or treat that we do and not once did my hand or mind wander that way...so YAY me for that !! but then I went out to lunch with a friend, leaving the comfort of my tightly controlled lunch and yogurt from home behind.
This is where it went wrong...off to Applebee's we went ( my choices, which makes this all the worse!!). the menu comes along and instead of ordering something from the weight wtchers menu which ofcourse would have been the healthy choice, what do I order...hmmm...some boneless buffalo wings to start and then some fried crispy shrimp and fries !!! WTF...HELLO !! So I had about 4 of the wings and 3 french fires and 3 of the shrimps before I totally wanted to hang myself !!! I know that previously the damage could have been a million times worse but why did I make that choice when I've been so good about my choices ?????

The  good ending was that I went to a halloween social hour at work where there was beer and soda and chips and cake and greasy appetizers all over the place and there I mingled with my water bottle in hand and nowhere near all the other stuff..so that I guess was my redemption for my shitty choices earlier !!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

6cc's and a freaking awesome NSV !!!

So I got a third fill  and was just surprised at all the great NSV's that I got today. My  third fill was due since I dont currently have restriction and am still hungry every 2-3 hours. On top of that my free fills for 90 days is coming to an end next month so I wanted to take advantage of trying to get some sense of restriction before Nov 10th. At my appointment with Frank this morning ( which I totally love him, since he always accomodates me) he informed me that  ( NSV # 1)I had actually loss 9 lbs in the 3 weeks since he last saw me  ( NSV #2) that he was so impressed that I was doing so well with virtually no restriction that it was ALL me and he even called in the new doctor in the practice to share my progress. 

The BEST part of the day and by far the day's biggest NSV is that when I got home I had a nice little package waiting for me that happen to be my new anne klein winter "skinny" coat in a size 16 !!! I decided to try it on expecting that it definetly would not zip up and as I tried the zipper OMG !! IT WENT ALL THE WAY UP !!! I ran to the mirror and couldnt believe at the image that was staring back at me through the mirror...it was ME in a size 16 coat and I LOOK PRETTY DAMN GOOD !! HAY !!! It's still a little snug to wear with a sweater but OMG that was freaking amazing considering that I was wearing a size 24 coat in Feburary. Here are some pics of me in my new cute "skinny" winter coat ( ignore the hair, I was getting ready for bed!!)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The scale...no longer a bastard...

Okay I know I know I'm 2 days early on the weekly weight posting but given the issues that I was having with my bastard for the past 3 weeks I was just curious as to what he was thinking so I jumped the gun and decided to weigh myself on thursday and today and am ecstatic to see that the bastard is seeing things myway and giving me a loss of -3.5 lbs for a beautiful number in the 220's of 226 !!! YAY !! I havent see a number in that range in................................well you get the point, a REALLY long freaking time !!!

Thanks to all of you who weighed in and I have decided to stick with the bastard. I'm still weighing in on the wii but keeping that as a seperate tracker.

Overall, I just can't beleive it that it's only been 11 weeks since surgery and that I am down 43 pounds !!! If you would have told me this in March that I would be back very comfortably in size 18's, wearing XL tops loosely and able to fit into 16's ( albeit with a muffin top) and 43 lbs thinner...I would have told you you're just freaking crazy...but alas here I am and I am feeling GREAT !!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Good article just posted by Katie Jay

I subscribe to Katie Jays newsletter and she has some wonderful insight about the battle to regain your life from obesity. For those of you who dont know her, she fought her way back to life from 380 lbs with the help WLS and now looks completely amazing in a size 4. I thought I'd post the article here so that others can benefit as well...

How to Find Freedom from Obesity

by Katie Jay, MSW, Certified Wellness Coach
Director, NAWLS

One of my best childhood memories is of the tiny tumbler Olga Korbut springing her way

into the history books. I remember thinking she was as light as a grain of sand -- and as

strong as granite.

What she did seemed effortless, but even back then (having taken gymnastics at school and

barely mastering a back walkover) I knew her accomplishments were a result of a lot of

sweat, persistence, and bravery. Her success was no stroke of luck.

When she dismounted from the uneven parallel bars and "stuck" her landing, I understood

that even the landing, and the victory pose, was the result of -- and celebration of --

great determination and effort.

Along the same lines, I knew reaching my goal after WLS and "sticking" my landing (i.e.,

making the loss last) was a reflection of my sweat, persistence, and bravery. My success

was no stroke of luck, either.

After my Olympian efforts to lose my excess weight, I wanted desperately to "stick" my

landing -- reach my goal, unwaveringly, and stand in victory.

Yet, as time passed, I wavered. Tested the limits. Regressed. Regained.

Thankfully, I still had a little of the Olympian spirit in me. I knew that I was going to have to muster all my strength and courage to turn my situation around.

I also thought about how hard Olga must have worked for her victory.

I had worked hard over the years, too! I had strived, sacrificed, and sweated -- with no

permanent impact on my obesity. Surely there is more to freedom from obesity than simply

working hard.

What helped to make Olga successful? She surrendered to a proven process, and undoubtedly, to a collection of knowledgeable people supporting and guiding her along the way -- coaches, teammates, cheerleaders, and even fans.

That's when it hit me. I had to surrender."Surrender," you ask? Yes, surrender. It's a strong word that often conjures up failed attempts and "giving up." But when I decided to surrender, I said goodbye to the old me and the things that weren't working.

I surrendered my isolation (which I called self reliance) and asked for help.

Making the brave decision to get out of my own way was not failure. It was maturity and grit. I realized I wanted to win as desperately as Olga did.

Even the most successful people in the world need help to develop mastery in their pursuits

and to find a sense of freedom from their old, familiar struggles.

So I sought help, too. I told myself, "That's what people who are hungry to succeed do!"

All WLS patients have had the experience of surrendering. The decision to undergo WLS is a lesson in surrender. You surrendered the idea that simply working hard (i.e., extreme dieting) would be enough to reach and maintain goal weight.

Over time, I have come to understand that surrendering physically to the surgery was not enough. I needed to surrender mentally and emotionally, too.

This meant I would have to transform more than my body to find my freedom from obesity.

Sometimes, it's a scary process. You may feel as though you are giving up control.

I want to assure you that the opposite is true.

Right now, all the Type A personalities who are reading this article are gritting their teeth.

But, what I have found in my own experience, and with all of my coaching clients, is that

only when we surrender do we find freedom.

I had to surrender the idea that I could do this all by myself.

I had to surrender my belief that I already had all the answers (and that nothing would work

for me!).

I had to surrender my low self-esteem, which was insisting that other people's needs were

more important than my own, and that I didn't deserve the time and attention it would

require to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, much less a gratifying life.

Only when I truly surrendered did I begin to transform at a much deeper level -- at a level

that can give me long-term freedom from the agony of obesity.

Surrender is when you take responsibility for your health, open your mind to new perspectives

and strategies, and become willing to transform physically, mentally, and emotionally. That is

where true freedom lies.

Are you free today?

I invite you to wave the white flag of surrender and know that you are not giving up, but surrendering what isn't working in favor of what will.

With a decision to surrender; to turn from old ways of thinking, feeling, believing, and behaving; you too can land long-term WLS success -- and make it stick.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The clothes fairy made a stop in NYC

I got a wonderful surprise in the mail today as the clothes fairy made a stop at my house. It's funny because Im so not use to really buying or wearing cute clothes since I just always wanted to hide my figure so I feel totally liberated and cute in all my new stuff courtesy of fairy- Gen !! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH !! I LOVE THEM !!!

BTW these are with no spanxx, no girdles...just my shrinking me !!

The scale went ..that a way ???

Here's my question ?? I recently bought a new scale ( the bastard) and have been using that one to take my weekly weight. It's pretty consistent to my older one which I have been using all along since pre-op. Recently when I started doing my wii fit, the weight that I get with the daily body test is usually about -2.5 to 3 lbs off ( as in less) that the bastard. The scale at my gym is also in agreement with the wii fit readings. So my question is would it be fair to just switch over scales and count those lbs difference as a loss or should I just stick with my bastard ??

Sunday, October 18, 2009

End of the scale conspiracy !!

SO I normally weigh in on mondays but with the conspiracy that my scale has been mounting against me for the last 2 weeks I decided to move up my weigh in day and FINALLY the bastard ( yes my scale must be a male!) decided to move for a loss of 2.4 lbs to 230 !!!  That gives me an official loss of 39 pounds !!!YAAYY !! Another number that I have not seen in over 3 or 4 years and I'm soo excited to get to that 220's lbs range.

I had blogged earlier about what my NFR was going to be when I hit my 50 lbs loss. Initially I had thought that I wanted to get a long awaited tattoo, but now Im thinking that I might push that back until I get to oonderland instead (it'll give me more time to tighten and it'll be a bigger reward) and will go with a new pair of fabulous knee high boots and maybe even a new bag if I can sweet talk the hubby into it !!!

Since I still have no restriction after my 2nd fill, I've decided to move up my 3rd fill appointment to next monday and then another one the 2nd week of november, I would REALLY like to hit the 50lbs loss by early december and be as close to onderland (-69 lbs) as possible and get there by my birthday on Feb 26th

Friday, October 16, 2009

Milestone rewards question ??

I was reading Allison's blog and she was talking about her plans for a tatoo as a NFR ( non-food reward). I have the same plan and was thinking of getting my tatoo once I reach 50 lbs loss. Lately I've been thinking about it and maybe I want to wait till I reach onderland, which would be 69 lbs loss !! What do you gals think ?? I asked the hubby and his thought was that I wait till onderland because that will gie me a greater opportunity to tighten things up and that for my 50lbs reward I should get some boots or a nice winter coat ?? Any idea chicas ??

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Propel..my new love !!!

All of my life I have had problems meeting my 8 glasses a day and post band that has not changes. Actually I pretty sure that the current scale stall might be due to my water although I have gotten ALOT better averaging about 4-5 glasses a day all thanks to my new love PROPEL !! Oh how I love thee !!! It is especially delicious uring workouts and I guess the electrolytes really help out. I found single serving powder bags by accident at target and cant live without them now ! YUM YUM !!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Does anyone wear focus dailies lenses with a -6.0 ??

The reason I ask is that we had a big box of them shipped to us by mistake for a person that has neer lived here. The company said that due to the nature of the item they cant take it back to please discard. I thought that was such a waste and figured I try to find someone who could use them. The exact prescription is...

Ciba Vision Focus Dailies 4 Boxes of 90 lenses each
CT 0.085
DIA 13.8

Please let me know if you or anyone you know can use them.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Paying it forward..Goodies up for grabs

Hola ladies! Just wanted to post some new items I recently dug out of my closet. There are mostly 20/22, except for the jeans which are size 18's short/petite. Please send me an email to mrscutecuban@gmail.com with your address if yo're intrested.

Size 20 Bathing Suit, worn only once

Size 18 Jeans SHORT/PETITE, have 2 pairs like these

Size 20 Sheer Shiny Black Top from Merona

Monday, October 12, 2009

HUGE NSV !!! Woo HOO !!

OMG ! I just updated my weight ticker and although it only budged 0.4lbs this week that pushed me over the edge to a HUGE NSV that I have been waiting for...drum roll please !!!!!

My BMI is now...39.9, which means that I am NO longer considered Morbidly Obese, now I am just plain ol' Obese !!! WOO HOO !!! YIPEE ( visualize back flips!!) and the best part is that I know that never ever again will I ever be morbidly obese !!!!

Biggest Loser Holiday Challenge to my followers....

I am a competitive person by nature and find that if I am challanged and there is a prize at stake I tend to be more motivated and determined at the task...so I decided to offer the challange to my wonderful followers who are my support pillars !

The holidays are upon us and we know that usually means eating and eating all the wrong stuff so here it is: The Former Fat Girl Holiday Challange !!

  • From Nov 1st till January 1st track your weight weekly and submit it  ( BE HONEST!) on mondays to the following email address : mrscutecuban@gmail.com. I will post the results weekly and on the week of Jan 1st the BANDit follower with the largest weight loss will be awarded a $25 gift card to their choice of Origins or Victoria Secrets
  • The rules are that you must be a public follower and you must have been banded within the last 6 months or will be banded by Nov 1st. 
  • You must submit a scale picture on Nov 1st and on Jan 1st, which will be posted if you are the biggest loser. 
  • That's it..a simple competition to keep us all motivated during these dangerous months up ahead !!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

My 2 month bandaversary picture

YAY !! We officially made it to the 2 month mark and am down 36 pounds, have had 2 fills with a total of 5cc in Lucy ( my band's name, figure with her antics it's an appropraite choice). Still not really having noticeable restriction but able to go about 3-3.5 hours between meals before getting hungry again. Even though the freaking scale is launching a conspiracy against me at the moment and not budging for the last week I feel so much better all around. I have so much more energy, my clothes fit great, the compliments are coming and most importantly there's been a HUGE pick up in the sex life !!! ( WOO HOO)  So I guess this is the point that I take my own advice with my previous posting and admit that the scale isnt the answer to all things !! Besides without Lucy's help I would NEVER have been at a loss of 36 pounds in 2 months of all things !!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wisdom for when the scale screws you !!!!

Hola People...I like many of us on this journey have recently been experiencing the frustration of the scale conspiracy !! Yes you know what Im talking about...you worked your butt off this week, watched what you ate, made all the right choices and you step on the scale and WHAM !! WTF ??!!! Arrgghh!!!

Well I recently decided to join the Biggest Losers Club and saw this posting and thought OMG ! Finally an answer, so figured I'd posted it for all my losers to share and enjoy !!

The Biggest Losers Club is full of great advice, recipies, fitness challanges and weight loss competions. In case anyone is intrested click HERE. If you sign up now they're giving away 2 free biggest loser books with membership ( $39.95 for 3 months).

When the Scale Won't Budge

11 Other Ways to Measure Your Progress

Wednesday, March 08, 2006By Sari Harrar Special to Biggest Loser Club

Your scale can’t measure how great you feel, how much healthier your body is, or even how much trimmer you really are—and yet most of us base our opinion--and feelings--about our weight-loss success almost exclusively on that one little number.

When that number’s steadily dropping, all’s well. But if a day of indulgence, a body that’s off-schedule (or retaining fluid), an appreciable gain in muscle density, or even a glitch with the scale itself seem to stall your efforts, it’s easy to throw in the towel…and pick up a Twinkie. But don’t.
Ultimately, healthy weight loss will result in the steady shedding of a half-pound to nearly two pounds per week (depending on your metabolism, daily calorie burn, and starting weight). Don’t let natural fluctuations along the way throw you off course—not when there are at least ten other great ways to measure success.

See how you stack up by these measures that experts say are as important—if not more important—than a mere number on the scale:
You’re Feeling in Control

Are your healthy-eating and exercise habits helping you reach important goals in your life—such as having more energy and strength to play with your kids or grandchildren, having more confidence, taking charge of your health, or even getting ready for a charity walk? Write down your goals—and see how your new habits are helping you attain them.
Your Clothes Fit—and Look—Better

Your wardrobe doesn’t lie. Your favorite jeans, slim-fitting sweater or sleek skirt could be the best indicator that you’re trimming pounds or firming up. When the waistband on your freshly-washed jeans feels loose, that sweater looks better than ever, and that skirt falls in a clean line from waist to hem, you’ve made progress—no matter what the scale says.

Your Plate’s More Colorful

We don’t mean new china. If you’re eating more fruits, veggies, and whole grains, you’ve made a substantial contribution to your current and future health—especially if, at the same time, you’ve cut back on saturated fat, refined carbohydrates like white bread, and big portions. Got kids or grandkids? As you nosh on nature’s bounty, you’re sending a powerful message to them about how smart grown-ups eat—even if you don’t say a word.
A Happier Tape Measure

If you haven’t done this already, grab a measuring tape and check your waist, chest, hips (at the fullest point), thigh, calf, neck, and upper arm. The tape should be snug, but shouldn’t squeeze your skin. Measure your waist at its narrowest point, usually about one inch above your belly button. Measure hips at the fullest part, as you stand with your feet together. Measure other areas at the widest point. Write down your results, and re-test once a month to monitor your firm-up results.

More Energy

When your diet is healthy and you’re getting regular exercise, energy levels soar—thanks to a flood of good-for-you nutrients, steadier blood sugar (good-bye, rollercoaster blood-sugar that leaves you feeling tired, irritated, and craving more sugar!), better circulation of oxygen-rich blood, and to the stress-reducing magic of physical activity. You’ll sleep better, wake up feeling more refreshed, and face the day with gusto that lasts ‘til evening.

Better Health

Even before you lose a pound, healthy eating and regular physical activity create powerful, positive changes within your body that protect your health. Blood sugar begins to drop, insulin levels fall, good cholesterol rises with exercise and bad cholesterol falls as you substitute small quantities of ‘good’ fats for artery-clogging saturated fats.

Healthy changes can cool body-wide chronic inflammation, a factor in heart disease, diabetes, and perhaps even some forms of cancer, and may also improve fertility. As you lose pounds, blood pressure drops, too. Ultimately, you may need less medication for chronic health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol. (Always consult your doctor about your medications and dosages—don’t make changes on your own.)

A Stronger Body

Two of the under-appreciated bonuses of a weight loss program that includes regular exercise are stronger muscles--and more stamina thanks to a healthier cardiovascular system. As you drop pounds and build strength and cardiovascular fitness, you may find it easier to climb stairs, walk the mall for a day-long shopping spree, haul the groceries from car to kitchen, or lift up your children or grandchildren.
If you've added another step for your step-aerobics class or video, have traded up to heavier weights or tougher resistance bands for strength-training work-outs, or can walk your normal route faster—or if you’re going out for longer walks than ever before—it’s proof of your progress. So show off a little--don’t be ashamed to ask your spouse or kids to check out your new, firmer biceps—hey—feel my new muscles!
A Mirror That Sees Less Fat

Try this after-shower body check: Take off your bathrobe and stand in front of a full-length mirror. Take a deep breath, then gently, kindly, assess your fat zones—chances are, they’re shrinking. Do a little shake—chances are, you’ll see less jiggle than in the past. Admire your slimmer waist and smaller hips, how your eyes and smile seem brighter. Be proud. Very proud.

Compliments From Your Family and Friends

When you're feeling frustrated about slow weight loss, an unsolicited compliment from a family member can be a welcome reality check. "Hey Mom, how much weight have you lost—you look great!" Don’t brush off the admiration. You’ve earned it. Now bask!

A Healthy Path for Life

Imagine what could happen if you let a mere number of the scale prompt you to quit working toward a healthier lifestyle. You’ll not only stop losing weight—you’ll also find yourself back on a path that leads to cravings, weight gain, low energy, frustration, and bigger threats to your health.
Remember All the Bonuses

Is your sex life perkier? Your mood brighter? Maybe you’ve finally found a way to navigate your biggest weight-control downfalls—perhaps you’ve cut out soda in favor of water or unsweetened iced tea, found the perfect strategy for not overeating at a party buffet, hit upon a filling yet calorie-controlled meal at your family’s favorite pizza joint, or devised an easy strategy for keeping portions in line.

Have you gotten into the groove of fitting physical activity into your busy schedule, or finally find the perfect exercise video? Are you enjoying more activity with your kids or introducing the family to healthier foods? These are all major life improvements that deserve a celebration—regardless of the number on the scale

Monday, October 5, 2009

Sailing through my second fill

Had my second fill today with a different nurse and although I was a bit hesitant since my last fill went so smooth with Frank, I have to admit that my fill with Gaspar was quite easy. I got an extra 1cc in my band today for a total of 5cc and unlike last time there wasnt any weird feeling of the fluid going through the tubing, it was over in less then 2 minutes. I also got my "official" for the months weight loss to 7 lbs !!! Their scale is a little different than mine but hey I'll go with the 7 !! YAY !!
I was hungrier earlier today but I had about 3/4 cups of soup and am totally full. My next fill is scheduled for Nov 2nd. It looks like their keeping me on the 4 wk fill scedule for now.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

2nd fill is tommorow

My 2nd fill is scheduled for tommorow afternoon which means I get a really good lunch and then zippo for 2 days ! God I hope I get somewhat of restriction !! I had some restirction right after the first fill but then it went away. I currently have 4.5 cc in my band and am still having all the classics symptoms of no restriction, the head hunger, getting hungry after 2 hours and the cravings.  My last fill with one of the nurses was relatively uneventful, there were no issues in finding my port and getting the saline in ! I'm REALLY hoping tommorow goes just as smooth. The good thing though is that I have been able to keep my portions down and have been doing extremely well with not craving the sugary stuff, so we'll see what happens after this fill.

And after ONLY 2 drinks....

SO last nite I met one of my best girlfriends for some celebratory drinks as she just passed her last written boards in anesthesiology this past week !!! YAY LIZ !!!!  We went to Clo Wine Bar, which is this really cool wine bar which has their whole wine list automated and projected holagraphically onto the bar and you can browse the whole menu and then choose your wine from the dispensary. It was absolutely cool !! Only problem is that I hadn't had a drink since BEFORE pre-op so....... 2 drinks later....I was just a lil loopie !! WOW what a light weight ( HA, all pun intended !) It was a particularly hilarious nite for me !! Everything was just so GD funny !! I know y'all know what Im talking about !!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Halloween Blogger layouts ???

I LOVE HALLOWEEN..I can with 95% certainty say that it has to easily be my favorite holiday !! So I was wondering if anyone out there knows where I can get some really cool blogger halloween layouts ?? The sites that I found were really cheesey !!! So anyone hae any ideas ??

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Request to the Sisterhood of the traveling pants

The weather is starting to get a little nippy here in NYC and since I havent worn a size 18 in atleast 2.5 years I realized I dont have any long sleeve tops or sweaters, so instead of running out to buy some ( which I am more than tempted to...it's shopping come on??) I'm trying to hold off the shopping till I get to a size 16, as a reward, so I was wondering if there were any out there??

I also have several pieces in size 20 bottoms and some size 20/22 tops ( some even with the tags still attached) 2 cocktail dresses and 2 bathing suits (worn only once) all very well taken care of and very well laundered. If they can serve a purpose please also let me know.

A must read book !!

So I had posted in an early blurb that I was starting to read Dan Brown's new book The Lost Symbol and am happy to say that I just fininshed it this afternoon on my train ride home. So what is my take...OMG ! It was everything that I expected and hoped it would be. In true Dan Brown fashion he crafts a story that just completely absorbs you from the first word to the last and challenges your thinking on very provoking and often controversial subjects. This book is true to this form. While giving the reader an incredibly informative, thrilling chase involving historical facts, symbology and logic it also manages to make you think and consider ideas and theories about a subject that on average one would never examine that way. All in all a definite must read !! The only problem now is that I have to wait for the next book...