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Sunday, October 4, 2009

2nd fill is tommorow

My 2nd fill is scheduled for tommorow afternoon which means I get a really good lunch and then zippo for 2 days ! God I hope I get somewhat of restriction !! I had some restirction right after the first fill but then it went away. I currently have 4.5 cc in my band and am still having all the classics symptoms of no restriction, the head hunger, getting hungry after 2 hours and the cravings.  My last fill with one of the nurses was relatively uneventful, there were no issues in finding my port and getting the saline in ! I'm REALLY hoping tommorow goes just as smooth. The good thing though is that I have been able to keep my portions down and have been doing extremely well with not craving the sugary stuff, so we'll see what happens after this fill.


Gen said...

OMG go look at my blog! We had the exact same idea! Yours looks great! I love Halloween too.

Glad you are getting that second fill! My first fill, this week, I got 4 cc, and while it has helped, I definitely will be going for more at the end of the month!

Good luck & let us know how much more you get and how you feel!

Kinzie said...

Good luck on fill #2. I am sure it will be perfect!

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