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Monday, October 5, 2009

Sailing through my second fill

Had my second fill today with a different nurse and although I was a bit hesitant since my last fill went so smooth with Frank, I have to admit that my fill with Gaspar was quite easy. I got an extra 1cc in my band today for a total of 5cc and unlike last time there wasnt any weird feeling of the fluid going through the tubing, it was over in less then 2 minutes. I also got my "official" for the months weight loss to 7 lbs !!! Their scale is a little different than mine but hey I'll go with the 7 !! YAY !!
I was hungrier earlier today but I had about 3/4 cups of soup and am totally full. My next fill is scheduled for Nov 2nd. It looks like their keeping me on the 4 wk fill scedule for now.


Kinzie said...

I love that little cartoon! We want perfect right?

Gen said...

Sounds good! I need that second fill already.

Great job on the loss - 7 lbs is excellent!

Tiffani said...

I'm on the 4 week fill schedule for life ;) or until I'm happy, lol.

7 lbs is very good!! WOOHOO!

jennyr1222 said...

Jacq -

They'll move up your fill if you find that you're not restricted enough. My last fill put me to 5.5 and they were willing to do the next one whenever I wanted (time between my first and second was only 2.5 weeks). Because of my thyroid surgery, I opted to push it until October 19th. Hope this one gives you more restriction!!

Glad to hear it went well with Gaspar, he's doing my next fill.

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