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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wisdom for when the scale screws you !!!!

Hola People...I like many of us on this journey have recently been experiencing the frustration of the scale conspiracy !! Yes you know what Im talking about...you worked your butt off this week, watched what you ate, made all the right choices and you step on the scale and WHAM !! WTF ??!!! Arrgghh!!!

Well I recently decided to join the Biggest Losers Club and saw this posting and thought OMG ! Finally an answer, so figured I'd posted it for all my losers to share and enjoy !!

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When the Scale Won't Budge

11 Other Ways to Measure Your Progress

Wednesday, March 08, 2006By Sari Harrar Special to Biggest Loser Club

Your scale can’t measure how great you feel, how much healthier your body is, or even how much trimmer you really are—and yet most of us base our opinion--and feelings--about our weight-loss success almost exclusively on that one little number.

When that number’s steadily dropping, all’s well. But if a day of indulgence, a body that’s off-schedule (or retaining fluid), an appreciable gain in muscle density, or even a glitch with the scale itself seem to stall your efforts, it’s easy to throw in the towel…and pick up a Twinkie. But don’t.
Ultimately, healthy weight loss will result in the steady shedding of a half-pound to nearly two pounds per week (depending on your metabolism, daily calorie burn, and starting weight). Don’t let natural fluctuations along the way throw you off course—not when there are at least ten other great ways to measure success.

See how you stack up by these measures that experts say are as important—if not more important—than a mere number on the scale:
You’re Feeling in Control

Are your healthy-eating and exercise habits helping you reach important goals in your life—such as having more energy and strength to play with your kids or grandchildren, having more confidence, taking charge of your health, or even getting ready for a charity walk? Write down your goals—and see how your new habits are helping you attain them.
Your Clothes Fit—and Look—Better

Your wardrobe doesn’t lie. Your favorite jeans, slim-fitting sweater or sleek skirt could be the best indicator that you’re trimming pounds or firming up. When the waistband on your freshly-washed jeans feels loose, that sweater looks better than ever, and that skirt falls in a clean line from waist to hem, you’ve made progress—no matter what the scale says.

Your Plate’s More Colorful

We don’t mean new china. If you’re eating more fruits, veggies, and whole grains, you’ve made a substantial contribution to your current and future health—especially if, at the same time, you’ve cut back on saturated fat, refined carbohydrates like white bread, and big portions. Got kids or grandkids? As you nosh on nature’s bounty, you’re sending a powerful message to them about how smart grown-ups eat—even if you don’t say a word.
A Happier Tape Measure

If you haven’t done this already, grab a measuring tape and check your waist, chest, hips (at the fullest point), thigh, calf, neck, and upper arm. The tape should be snug, but shouldn’t squeeze your skin. Measure your waist at its narrowest point, usually about one inch above your belly button. Measure hips at the fullest part, as you stand with your feet together. Measure other areas at the widest point. Write down your results, and re-test once a month to monitor your firm-up results.

More Energy

When your diet is healthy and you’re getting regular exercise, energy levels soar—thanks to a flood of good-for-you nutrients, steadier blood sugar (good-bye, rollercoaster blood-sugar that leaves you feeling tired, irritated, and craving more sugar!), better circulation of oxygen-rich blood, and to the stress-reducing magic of physical activity. You’ll sleep better, wake up feeling more refreshed, and face the day with gusto that lasts ‘til evening.

Better Health

Even before you lose a pound, healthy eating and regular physical activity create powerful, positive changes within your body that protect your health. Blood sugar begins to drop, insulin levels fall, good cholesterol rises with exercise and bad cholesterol falls as you substitute small quantities of ‘good’ fats for artery-clogging saturated fats.

Healthy changes can cool body-wide chronic inflammation, a factor in heart disease, diabetes, and perhaps even some forms of cancer, and may also improve fertility. As you lose pounds, blood pressure drops, too. Ultimately, you may need less medication for chronic health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol. (Always consult your doctor about your medications and dosages—don’t make changes on your own.)

A Stronger Body

Two of the under-appreciated bonuses of a weight loss program that includes regular exercise are stronger muscles--and more stamina thanks to a healthier cardiovascular system. As you drop pounds and build strength and cardiovascular fitness, you may find it easier to climb stairs, walk the mall for a day-long shopping spree, haul the groceries from car to kitchen, or lift up your children or grandchildren.
If you've added another step for your step-aerobics class or video, have traded up to heavier weights or tougher resistance bands for strength-training work-outs, or can walk your normal route faster—or if you’re going out for longer walks than ever before—it’s proof of your progress. So show off a little--don’t be ashamed to ask your spouse or kids to check out your new, firmer biceps—hey—feel my new muscles!
A Mirror That Sees Less Fat

Try this after-shower body check: Take off your bathrobe and stand in front of a full-length mirror. Take a deep breath, then gently, kindly, assess your fat zones—chances are, they’re shrinking. Do a little shake—chances are, you’ll see less jiggle than in the past. Admire your slimmer waist and smaller hips, how your eyes and smile seem brighter. Be proud. Very proud.

Compliments From Your Family and Friends

When you're feeling frustrated about slow weight loss, an unsolicited compliment from a family member can be a welcome reality check. "Hey Mom, how much weight have you lost—you look great!" Don’t brush off the admiration. You’ve earned it. Now bask!

A Healthy Path for Life

Imagine what could happen if you let a mere number of the scale prompt you to quit working toward a healthier lifestyle. You’ll not only stop losing weight—you’ll also find yourself back on a path that leads to cravings, weight gain, low energy, frustration, and bigger threats to your health.
Remember All the Bonuses

Is your sex life perkier? Your mood brighter? Maybe you’ve finally found a way to navigate your biggest weight-control downfalls—perhaps you’ve cut out soda in favor of water or unsweetened iced tea, found the perfect strategy for not overeating at a party buffet, hit upon a filling yet calorie-controlled meal at your family’s favorite pizza joint, or devised an easy strategy for keeping portions in line.

Have you gotten into the groove of fitting physical activity into your busy schedule, or finally find the perfect exercise video? Are you enjoying more activity with your kids or introducing the family to healthier foods? These are all major life improvements that deserve a celebration—regardless of the number on the scale


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