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Monday, October 19, 2009

The scale went ..that a way ???

Here's my question ?? I recently bought a new scale ( the bastard) and have been using that one to take my weekly weight. It's pretty consistent to my older one which I have been using all along since pre-op. Recently when I started doing my wii fit, the weight that I get with the daily body test is usually about -2.5 to 3 lbs off ( as in less) that the bastard. The scale at my gym is also in agreement with the wii fit readings. So my question is would it be fair to just switch over scales and count those lbs difference as a loss or should I just stick with my bastard ??


jennyr1222 said...

Ultimately you should do whatever you want. I'm thinking that since you've been using the new scale and it's very similar to the scale you were using prior to surgery that's the one that is going to give you the most accurate read on your total weight loss since pre-op even though it sounds like it might not be as accurate as your wii fit, it's still more accurate with your true weight loss right? The other option is to take 2.5 pounds off of your pre-op weight since if you were using the Wii fit scale that is what you would have weighed and then just start using the Wii fit to weigh. Of course you could just throw all this out the window and just switch scales... ;-)

Kinzie said...

I firmly believe that it matters not what scale you use or what time of the day you weigh, but the official should be done on the same one at the same time of day. I prefer first thing in the am after a visit to the bathroom with nothing on. I like to believe that is my pure weight with no extra food or liquids from the day being weighed as well. I guess we all do it a little differently - this works for me and I say you should do whatever works for you!

Robyn said...

I'd stick with the bastard since that's the one you started with. Because like Jenn said...you've been using the bastard all along, and it's consistent, so that is the true measure of the amount of weight you've lost. Even if the number is off by a couple pounds, at least you know how much you've lost.

Gen said...

I would go with the scale showing the lower numbers ;). That's the Wii, right? At one point I convinced myself that my scale was broken (you know, because I just weighed too damn much, it couldn't be true!) So I went out and bought a new one. Same exact number! Returned scale #2, and now I'm stuck with the original "fat" scale.

Dinnerland said...

I think it is really up to you: but I'd call this a turning point.
Choose ONE scale, and only weigh on that one. Otherwise, you'll be obsessing over which scale and confuse yourself.

Today (or whenever) can be a new day. Get on the scale at a time that you can predictibly get on the scale each week for an official weigh in--record that number and MOVE ON, whatever it says. Then repeat that same weigh in the following week in the same conditions, time, state of dress etc.
(Easy advice to give, hard to follow.)

Whatever you call your NEW starting weight today-that's what it is... in the long run, when you look back at the overall weight loss, if you wish to add 2 or 3 pounds to the overall number lost-- you are entitled. If you choose to subtract, same thing.

The key is: pick a scale now and stick to it and give yourself an OFFICIAL weigh in time for your honestly and tracking. Then if you must weigh in every day (I am guilty of this when on the downwards slide on the scale)-- be prepared for daily fluctuations and know that the office weigh in is the critical info that you need to see whether you need to adjust your eating or exercise.

Boy: I said a mouthful.
Good luck, whatever you choose.

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