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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Request to the Sisterhood of the traveling pants

The weather is starting to get a little nippy here in NYC and since I havent worn a size 18 in atleast 2.5 years I realized I dont have any long sleeve tops or sweaters, so instead of running out to buy some ( which I am more than tempted to...it's shopping come on??) I'm trying to hold off the shopping till I get to a size 16, as a reward, so I was wondering if there were any out there??

I also have several pieces in size 20 bottoms and some size 20/22 tops ( some even with the tags still attached) 2 cocktail dresses and 2 bathing suits (worn only once) all very well taken care of and very well laundered. If they can serve a purpose please also let me know.


The Dash! said...

Hi there,
No, I'm not asking for clothes lol but rather wanted to tell you what a fab blog you have. I found you through Roo (a bloggy friend of mine!) and want you to know you're doing just fantastic! Only 14 pounds to go? Amazing.
Look forward to more posts

Gen said...

Hmmm...I may have some 18s to pass along. Not sure, I am sort of in the transition to 16 phase, but let me take a look!

Heather said...

I'm having an issue with the change in weather too as I'm in NYC as well. I emailed you not too long ago about any of the stuff you have to offer (after you posted on my blog). Would LOVE a dress as I need one for my rehearsal dinner! But I'm open to anything you have to offer. Let me look at home for size 18 tops. Do you have any use for blazers/jackets for work or anything or do you prefer more casual options. By the way, if you do break down and buy stuff, ebay is a great option! you can get stuff for as little as .99 if you play your cards right (plus shipping).

The Former Fat Girl said...

Cara- Thanks for stopping by !
Gen- If you do great, if not no worries !!
Heather- I'm sorry I never got your email ?? Did you send it to jacquelinedillon@gmail.com ?? What size dress do you need? I have some 20-24 ? Just let me know through email and I'll send you some pics of the dresses and other stuff. Thanks for the offer on the blazers but my job is pretty casual and they might help someone else out more !! And thanks for the ebay idea I've bought a ton of stuff but never thought about clothes !!

Tripletmomma said...


I could certainly use those 20's! I'm currently teetering between 26/28 and 22/24. I have plenty of 22/24, but only one 18/20.

Here's my direct e-mail: ktaverner@espdesign.net

Now..... to find someone who needs my 26/28 and 30/32 stuff! Wonder if there's a clothing swap website somewhere?

The Former Fat Girl said...

you got it Karen, just let me know when your ready !!!

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