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Saturday, October 31, 2009

FFC's Holiday Biggest Loser's Challange

Hola all !! Just a reminder that tommorow Nov 1st is the official start of my holiday biggest losers challange. Just a fun way to keep us all motivated during the ever so tempting months ahead. The winner of the challange will receive a gift card to either Origins or Victoria Secrets to pamper themselves or a signigicant other with their slimming sexy body. So here are the rules:

  • In order to participate in the challange you must be one of my followers
  • Have had been banded within the last year or will be banded or started liquid pre-op diet by the 1st week of Nov.
  • Must weigh in weekly on sunday's beginning tommorow Nov 1st
  • Must send an email to mrscutecuban@gmail.com with your weeks current weight.
  • Must send a picture of you on the scale on the first weigh in Nov 1st and the last on Jan 1st.
  • Have fun losing the weight and gaining confidence and awesome curves !!!


momma2fi said...

Okay Damnit - I'm in. I've needed something to kick my a$$, and this is it. Good, sheer competition. Ladies, start your engines!!! I'll send my pic and my weight via email tomorrow. Let's GOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Linda said...

I'm in! My scale hasn't move din a month. I'll email you in the morning. Thanks for organizing it!

Nicole said...

Sent my weight in!

Kinzie said...

I am in, sending my picture to you now. Kinzie

I'm Gen said...

Me too. Let me see if my scale pic is viewable, and I will email to you. Thanks for doing this!!!

Tripletmomma said...

I'll be taking that picture today!!!!!!

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