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Friday, December 11, 2009

okay..okay I know..

Yes I know that I am SOOO delinquent this week in my postings, but this week has just been INSANE !! Every possible thing just HAD to be done at work and not to talk about the meetings on the side...man, it just felt like it went on forever and ever and ever...WOW ! By the looks of it, I'm not the only one !!!
Well only one more official day of work on monday and that's it till January. I'm off to sunny (?) orlando for a week of my baby fix ( with my niece).

This week has also been difficult with the tracking and the eating and the going to gym. I only made it 2 this week and my tracking has been awful !! Good thing is that I pretty much can gauge my intake at this point but there were a couple of meals that while I didnt go crazy or anthing, I didnt make the best food choices...popcorn 2 this week, chinese beef, dumplings..you get the idea. My portion control has been pretty consistent though and I do think that this last fill that I had on friday is giving my restriction, which I still need to get used to...hence the PB episode at subway earlier this week !! ( YUCK!). It's funny I find that it's easier to lie to people and just explain my PBing by saying " Morning sickness, it's a total joke" then to actually explain things....funny huh?

I failed to post the results from this sundays weight in earlier in the week, so here they are and BIG CONRATS to this weeks new leader KAREN with a 5lb loss...WOO HOO way to go Karen !!!

Okay long enough post for tonight....


Dinnerland said...

Good for you on the portion control front. I believe the key to the band is the PORTION size, so don't get too crazy about a few indulgent food choices, just get back to business with leaner proteins and veggies... whatever works.

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