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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Back to the routine...and some normalcy

Well my final exam is tommorow and then I get to breath till mid january..phew !! I'm kind of glad to be back to my trusty & comforting routine...this week of excess cooking and eating was actually very distracting and disturbing !! I know we're suppose to be able to just carry on and eat whatever we want, but is it weird that I dont want all of that stuff ?? I'm as happy as a pig in mud knowing that I get to eat my greek yogurt and my milk and sensible lunch. Maybe a cheese stick here or there and some peanut butter or something...but all the mac& cheese and ham and turkey and on and on and plate after plate was just disturbing in some way...has anyone else felt like that ???

Also back on track was my workout routine. And man after not working out in almost 5 days...my God was that a TOUGH step class on monday..Youza ! And then I guess in a sub-concious way I wanted to punish myself so I decided to take this Tabata Challane class today..yea good job buddy..OUCH !!! For those who dont know what the tabata challange is..well it's a HELL of a workout !! 1 hr of a non-stop circuit course with spinning, immediately followed by jumping jacks, then run over to the step and do mountain climbers, then up and over to a step with 3 risers and jump straight up and lunge, then  back to the bikes and do it all over again...WOW...we'll see if I ever attempt that again.

I had a mini-goal 2 weeks ago of hitting 210 today to try to make it to 199.9 by Jan 1st. Well while I did manage to loose 0.8lbs this torturous week, I am not at 210. I am still very happy with my progress since I am down 12.3 lbs this month and who knows if I work my but off ( meaning more tabata challange) I might still make that 199.9 goal..which would mean 14.2 lbs in a month...oh boy...well BRING IT !!!


Robyn said...

I wish I could say I had that reaction when I saw the tons of food on Thanksgiving. But I'm not quite to that point yet...my reaction was more like "Yes" along with a fist pump - well maybe not that excited, but you get the point. Hopefully one day soon I won't love food the way I do now. Congrats on finishing that new exercise class. It sounds like a tough one!

Good luck on your final tomorrow, that's one thing I don't miss about school!

The Dash! said...

Oh congrats on hitting your mini-goal AND for getting back into a routine - which is not easy at the best of times. I'm glad we don't have Thanksgiving here - getting through Xmas will be hard enough without going bang bang with two lots of yum food surround me lol. You did well though.

Gen said...

OOOHHH fun new blog layout!

You are totally kicking butt. I lost half as much as you in the past month - well, 7 lbs. total I think. It must be that insane workout! I am a little jealous, I want to exercise more, have to get over this dumb injury!

Keep at it and hopefully we will both get to Onederland soon!

Elliana said...

Very cool blog makeover for the holidays. I like it. You are doing just great. Keep up those killer workouts, they will make the difference. Good luck tomorrow. Look forward to hearing more from you.

Nicole said...

I feel the same way, I love my "routine" and December will be a challenge! Your doing amazing!

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