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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Katie Jay Article..

Some of her views I may not totally agree with like in some of her articles  but I like to read and post her stuff in hopes that we can all take home a part of the message that will help us in our journey. BTW I did read her book "dying to change" which was very eye opening and insightful. If anyone wants it, please post a comment or send me an email mrscutecuban@gmail.com

Dear Small Bites readers,
I was talking to my neighbor yesterday, as she was returning home

from a cookie-exchange party. She recently shared with me that she

has been diagnosed with type II diabetes and is now on medication,

but we didn't discuss that yesterday. She talked cookies.

It's like she lives in two different realities. One involves going to

the doctor and taking the prescribed medication, the other involves

making choices that completely undermine her treatment.

I've been like that most of my life. I complained about how I felt

all the time, and continued to eat in a way that was perpetuating my

poor health and everything stressful that comes with that.
In my new life, as a coach, I help people find ways to stay connected

with their healthiest reality -- the one that can bring them a deeper joy.
It's not so much about getting people to do things my way. It's about

helping people to find a way they can live with, that supports their most

dearly held goals and aspirations.

During this holiday season, I plan to skip the cookie exchanges. They

never turn out well for me :o). Instead, I'm going to invite friends to

go on Christmas-light walks and to meet for movies. And I'm going

to practice gratitude.
Peace to you,



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you got email!

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I guess the book's gone? If not, I'd love it!

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