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Monday, April 12, 2010

Sorry...sorry...sorry !!!!

It seems like I'm doing alot of apologizing lately for my lack of time management but I promise that I will return to my diligent blogging self soon !! My last EVER final is on Cinco de Mayo ( May 5th... how appropriate right??!!!!) so after that I will be free to post and catch up with all of my dear bloggers that I have truly been missing !!

Hey Jen isn't that a soo appropriate weekend for some prickly pear margaritas ??? LOL !!

See you soon !!! and WISH ME LUCK !!!!


Nicole said...

We miss you!! Sounds like May 5 there will be a margarita in your hand :) Good Luck!

Colls said...

Last final EVER?!?! That is awesome! We will have to get together and celebrate with some well deserved drinks! <3

Gen said...

NO need to apologize! Congrats in advance on that last final!

Karen said...

Hey girly.... you can update your "losing the fluff" to include your 188.2, btw!!

You are certainly rocking the band, babe!


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