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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

16 is the magic number

So my one year mark is fast approaching and as I sat down to think of everything that has happened and my transformation both physically and mentally it dawned on me that ...holy crap I only have 16 more pounds to hit my magic number that I had set way back when !!!. And the funny thing about it is that when I set that number it seem so far away and almost unreachable. I set it like " okay yeah let's say 100 lbs loss..why the hell not?" But here I am and it's like "OMG it's only 16 lbs away!!"

So here I am putting it down in writing...my FINAL goal is 16 lbs by Oct 31st. I'm giving myself enough time to do it slowly and the right way, while still focusing on working the rest of me as well, which for me is reinforcing the behavioral modification of the whole thing and the emotional ties that this is actually truly happening, but most importantly why it's actually happening !!! The way that I see it, it's happening because somewhere along the line I learned that it was about focusing on the little things within me and celebrating the little victories and setting the mini-goals. I think that if I would have looked at from day # 1 that I MUST lose 100 lbs, I would have defeated myself before I even started, but because I set these little achievable goals that gave my spirit the opportunity to celebrate and thrive on reaching them is what has worked the best !!

So that would be my biggest advice to all those that are just starting. It is very easy to get frustrated on this journey, cause we all know it's not fun and giggles, but actually many times, frustration, sweat and tears but if you do it a little bit at a time and let yourself learn and celebrate and be happy at just those 2 lbs this week...pretty soon you'll see that it's good !!!


Gen said...

Amazing! YOU ARE SO CLOSE! I remember the beginning...you have done incredibly!

Colls said...

Great post! I am so happy for you - you are sooooo close! I totally believe that you can do it, you have set a very realistic goal. Sorry we couldn't get together last night. Hope you had fun at the dance class! <3

Christine said...

You're so close! I'm 13 pounds away, and it's so exciting -- and anxiety-inducing, too! I mean, what if you (er, me, I mean) get 2 pounds away and then have a stall? I don't think I could handle that mentally. But I digress. You're so close!! And congrats on the successes that you've had already!

Today I read a blog of a gorgeous lady that MADE HER GOAL WEIGHT yesterday! I seriously cried while reading it. It was...startlingly real, you know? If you get a chance, read it! http://msbitchcakes.blogspot.com/


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