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Sunday, January 23, 2011

WHO..me ???

okay okay new year...I let ALOT of things slack off at the end of last year but it's time to pull in the reins and get the control back !! I've realized that I did learn alot about myself through this point in my journey alot of which I learned from you guys and if it hadn't been for those nugget of discipline, self worth and accountability for my actions I could see how I would have lost total control over everything !!

The Good news is that I'm still on this journey, I havent reached my goal that I hoped I would have reached by last October but I am definitely not out of the game. The scale has creeped up a bit and I'm 20 lbs away from my goal now but trying to fight my way back to a strict discipline mind set that really helped me get through the rest of the humps along the way.

The Bad news is that I suffered a minor back injury ( Lumbar lordosis and sciatic attack) and was doing alot of PT which really derailed my running and working out. That compounded with the holidays and a cruise vacation and viola...6 pounds added to my never ending plateau of 186...so I got some real work to do but this freezing snow/rain/chil fest outside is really zapping any energy and desire to get up and get my butt moving !! ARRGGHHH !!

SO I know that in the past speaking my goals to my band buddies really got my butt in gear so hear we go...

In the next month I will..

1- get the calorie count under control

2- Cut the SBUX visits to once a day and NO MORE PEPPERMINT HOT CHOCOLATES !!!!
3- No more eye balling of serving portions, back to my trusty measuring cups
4- Lunch with friends...once a week max !!!
5- Get those 6 lbs OFF !!!

Weight today 192...this is the most I will ever allow myself to weight ever again !!! This is my battle cry !!!


Nicole said...

You can do it! You have the right tool :) I love starbucks skinny carmel machiattos so yum!

Karen said...

Hey babe! I'm so glad you're back, and kicking butt!

I go to SBX sometimes...... but I'm not a frou-frou drinker, so I get plain coffee, and add FF milk and a splenda.

I'm so proud of you..... and thanks for everything you've done for me! I adore you!

health and wellness coaching said...

You can do it! You have the right tool :) I love starbucks skinny carmel machiattos so yum!

Wellness Coach said...

Wellness Coaching can help you identify and set realistic, measurable goals, and unlock the creative energy that lies in each of us.

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