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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A mish mash of things & lothing on tonight's Biggest Loser !!!

Tonight's episode was okay I guess, didn't feel like anything spectacular but the one thing it really made me realize is how much a truly dislike Tracey !!! For as long as this season has been on, she has had an excuse for every single thing ! I just wish someone would turn to her and say " Shut up, quit your crap and work out or get out ! " I am posting this prior to the elimination and I can only be hopeful that she goes home !!!

 I am sooo happy that Shay finally broke that  400 lb barrier and I love her comment that "this was my hard work and mine to claim" that rang a bell with me because I have for so long avoided to take credit and accept compliments on my weight loss because I didnt know how to. I spent sooo many years try to hide my weight issues and pretend that they weren't there that I forgot how to be proud of myself and my accomplishments. I forgot how to look in the mirror and not fight back tears of disgust. I now happily appreciate and accept all the compliments that just keep coming...although I blush at every single one but most importantly when I look in the mirror now a days it's not tears of disgust but tears of being happy and proud that I have conquered the deamon that kept pushing me down, that I am breaking through against the immense wall that kept me locked away from enjoying all the wonderful things that each day brings but most importantly knowing that I will never be a prisoners of those feelings of self lothing but that I can now enjoy being a beautiful and confident woman !!!!

I am attaching another of Katie Jay's article which I think is very appropriate given this weekends events....

Dear Small Bites readers,

I hope you survived Halloween without too much
stress. If you got off plan during the holiday,
remember that beating yourself up about it will
not help you to get back on plan.

When I'm off plan, I talk nicely to myself.
I say, "It's okay, Katie, you can start over
right now. Notice how quickly you are taking
responsibility! You can do this."

And then I just keep starting over until it
sticks. No judgment. This is a life-long


Linda said...

The Biggest Loser is so frustrating at times, but I still get sucked in. I'm so glad Tracey is gone - amazing how tiny she was at the end.

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