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Friday, November 20, 2009

My holiday plan and a great NSV

So realizing that thanksgiving is next week and then Christmas followed by new years I thought it would be a good idea to layout a plan of attack for the next following weeks. As suspected my weight in this week will be back to a normal 2 pounds since last week was a combo of fill week and PMS week so I get huge numbers with those two but to make sure that I stay on track with all the partying coming my way my goals for the next wouple of weeks are:
  •  210 by Dec 1st. This would mean that I need to loose 4.6 lbs in 11 days ! Better amp up my water intake.
  • 203-205 by Dec 18th this would mean 5-7 lbs in 18 days. This is the first time that my sis and mom ( who doesnt know about the surgery) have seen me since last time when I was 269. They havent see me at this weight since 2004 and I would really love to see their jaw drop when they pick me up at the airport.
  • 199.9 by Jan 1st this would mean 4-6 lbs in 14 days . It would be the most AMAZING thing ever if I were able to make it to onderland by Jan 1st, I think I would just flip out !!!
I know some of there goals seem a little too ambitious but I feel that this might help keep me in line around all the egg nog and the stuffing etc etc !! And I already have plans for the reward....okay I went to Marshall's today and completely fell in love with a new bag ( I'm a BIG bag girl!) and figuered I could totally get the hubby to agree in allowing me to buy a bag worth $1 for every pound I've lost and if I stick to my goals I can totally get this gorgeous Guess bag that I fell in love with since I'll be down 70 lbs and $70 bucks gets you ALOT of bag at Marshalls...good plan huh ??? BTW I have to post pics of my 50lbs bag !! Love that one too !!

Anywhoo onto my NSV that I was just tickled pink about ! I went to the NY Philharmonic on tuesday and was just floored that I could fit sooooo comfortably into my seat !! OMG !! I remeber going to see the Phantom of the Opera back in Dec of last year and feeling so tight and uncomfortable in my seat !! But not this time around I was even able to cross my legs without having to do a yoga move to get it there !! I was so proud of myself YAY ME !!! I cant wait to get on that plane for christmas and see how much of a diference it will be from June when we went to Alaska and I barely fit into my seat and almost needed a seat belt extender..OMG !!


Heather said...

Nyc theater seats are TINY, so good for you! I like the idea of $1 per pound for your reward handbags! I'd love to see pics of the $50 one and the $70 one if you get one. I plan on getting myself a super high-end bag as a final reward for reaching goal. I was also thinking about either a knock off (I work near Canal St) or a Marshalls/TJ Maxx bag too when I hit half way to goal.

The Dash! said...

Ho.. I'm a huge bag girl too, in fact my husband rolls his eyes and says, "How many bags does one girl need? or.. "NOT another one..(insert big sigh). Hey we can't fight the girlie gene lol. I love the idea of a pound per $1 weight loss plan. Very smart and gives you a huge incentive.

Dinnerland said...

Amazing to see you focus in on the NSV's-- those numbers can be a real bugger, and I can picture myself plotting all of that math myself once I am banded... weight is a tricky thing-- but if you look back over time, it is coming off for sure!!
Keep on keeping on you are doing so great!

jennyr1222 said...

Isn't the seat thing just the BEST feeling?? I'm with you on wanting to get to Onederland by Jan 1st. Yes, it's aggressive but look at what we've done so far Jacqui!! We can push eachother on that one. xoxo

Linda said...

I'm a total bag girl - but I have champagne tastes so I may have to do $2-3 dollars a pound! :) Jacqui you are doing so amazingly well- I think you could hit 199 by January 1st. Happy New Year indeed!!

Tripletmomma said...

I think 199 by January 1st is a totally do-able goal!! You've been so motivated, and just kicking BUTT....... so I have no doubts!!


Kinzie said...

Sounds like you have a great plan and the mind set to do it! I am hoping for onederland by Jan 1st too. Since this past month was a scratch, I am hoping I get some help from my fill Tuesday. Time to do some losing. BTW why weigh in for today is 216.4.

Gen said...

Awesome NSV! And excellent job with the weight loss! I can't wait until we are in the 190s together!

Did you get my weight for this week? 204.8. Little bit less than last week!

The Former Fat Girl said...

Thanks Ladies !! I made the hubby aware of the plan and he's actually helping me out with the small things here and there.

Jen- We are totally on ! Jan 1st will be such a wonderfully happy day around here in blog land !! I say when we get there we both go for mani/pedi's !!

Gen- Got it !! We'll be in the 190's together soon enough..OMG!! I can't beleive that I'm actually considering that number already !! WOW ! You guys ROCK !!!

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