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Thursday, November 5, 2009

My closet attacked me & threw out more size 20's to share

Hola People ! I did a lil shopping this week and since the closet is in cahoots with the hubby in keeping me from shopping it threw at me whatever size 20-24 were left in there. They both beleive that if I add something..another thing must go !!!  So my fellow sisters of the traveling pants, dresses, tops..etc etc let me know with a comment or via email (mrscutecuban@gmail.com)  if you'd like any of these. Just please remember that you must promise to pass it along when you're done !!!

Size 24 Avenue Flowery Dress ( I just wore this once this summer on a cruise, it's gorgeous!)

Size 18W/20W George Blue Paisley Dress ( This was my go to dress all the time !! I even wore it to my bridal shower)

Size 22 Avenue Black/White w pink ribbon dress ( I LOVE this dress !! I just wore it ONCE this june to a wedding...but no longer fits ( hooray!))

Size XXL Oldnavy Long Sleeve Layering Tshirt

Size 22 Sarah Jessice Parker Jeans (Left) , Size 20Avenue Jeans (Center), Size 18W Avenue Stretchy Jeans (Right)

Size 20W Faded Glory Jean Capris ( These were my go to capri's during the summer LOVED them!)

Size 20 Oldnavy Khaki Pants /Size 20 Sarah Jessica Parker Black Trousers ( These are BRAND NEW w/ TAGS)

Okay this might be a little taboo but thought I would offer them up if someone cna use them. I have 4 pairs of very gently worn and extremely clean and well laundered and cared for size 42DD bras from Lane Bryant Cacique brand. I know some people arent comfortable with undergarments but if you dont have an issue with it, I guarantee they are VERY clean and in EXCELLENT condition.


Tripletmomma said...

You've got mail! :D

I'll be posting some clothes on my blog this week!

BTW....... I get to wear the swimsuit this Friday night! My neighbor just got a hot tub, and we're having a "girl's night" in the backyard! Hope it's not too cold! brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Heather said...

All your stuff is so pretty! I'd love the blue paisley dress! And/Or the Avenue 18 stretchy jeans if they're still available. Let me know and I'll email my mailing address. Thanks!


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