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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Because of you

I got a very touching surprise yesterday when I checked up on Colls blog that I had been nominated for a beautiful blogger award !! That in itself was so incredibly touching and sweet but doubly so were her words about why she had nominated me. So THANK YOU my sweet Colleen !!!

So here I proudly display my badge :

The rules of the nomination are :

* Thank the person who nominated you for the award
* Copy the award and post in in your blog
* Link to the blog of the person who nominated you
* Tell seven interesting things about yourself
* Nominate seven bloggers
* Post links to the blogs of your nominees

Okay so here we go with my 7 things that you probably would never guess:

1- I practiced gymnastics from the age of 3 till 15 and broke my first bone ( my clavicle) on the balance bean at my first competition
2- I danced flamenco competitively for 15 years and was actually on local TV several times even on the spanish show Sabado Gigante when I was 11.
3- I gave my sister a mohawk when she was 3 years old
4_-i was a total band geek in junior and high school
5- I am a huge civil was buff and actually go to battle reenactments ( gettysburg here I come)
6- Online dating actually worked for me and thank it for my wonderful hubby ( love you baby!!)
7- i am completely obsessed with collecting Cabbage patch kids and currently have 17 of them and still counting !!!

Now that you are questioning why you still are reading my ramblings after those confessions here are my list of ladies that are just beyond spectacular !! I wish i could list more than 7 !!!

Jen - What can i say about Jen ?? This is an incredible Chick !! We were banded almost at the same time and have just not only really found an incredible person and friend in her but just a source of positive energy !! Like others have mentioned she is just such a breath of fresh air and always has the best outlook on things !!

Roo- Lady on the move ! I completely admire Roo for her bravery and determination. Not only is she doing this on her own in a foreign country but she doesnt let her slip ups slow her down. She kicks them in the ass and keeps on going

Angie- Her blog was one of the first veteran blogs that I came across when I started blogging and she was always such a source of inspiration to me in knowing that it was doable to have such great success !!

Sarah- I love that Sarah just puts all of her issues out there good and bad so that they can help others. She was really my inspiration in getting me into running and I would love reading about her 5k post and imagining that one day that could be me.

Nicole- I just took to Nicole so easily and love that someone understands my miami-isms !! Her nurturing and caring nature is not only a comfort and a strength but an infectious pick me up !! She is just doing so great and looking so fabulous. I hope to have her stick around in my life for a long time she is just so awesome !!

Elliana- Her post just crack me up and they're always SO entertaining and truly inspiring ! I love how she always blogs about other things going on but always has a great take home message in there somewhere !!

Gen- Gen...Gen..Gen..I just totally heart her !! This lady is a true go getter ! She is what I would love to be when I grow up and become a mommy. She just manages to do it all and look great in those tankini's !!


Jennifer said...

Great Post, it's nice getting to know you better- Congrats on your award!
We have #4 & #6 in common! Band/Trumpet and eHarmony!

Kristin said...

I met my husband on match.com in 1999! Congrats on the award, you are a wonderful part of our community here.

Kristen said...

I met my fiance on match.com also! Woooo, yay for us online daters! Great post, I love learning all these fun facts about everyone!

Gen said...

OMG you are WAY too sweet! You know you will be on my list of nominations ;).

Now when are we getting a vlog of the flamenco dancing? And the reenactment costumes? How interesting!

Camille said...

Hi! I just started reading your blog. This was a great intro!

Girl Bandit said...

Great choices...aand some new ones for me to check out...thanks

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