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Thursday, February 18, 2010

What a pain in the...band !!!

Looking back I really have to super thankful that I never really had any "issues" with my band...till tuesday night and that last fill !!

It was a freakishly small fill 0.1cc in fact .
Next to nothing in the history of the fills that have been happily plunged into you my band.
So why is it oh dear band that a 1/4 cup of pea soup upsetted you so ??
Why is it that you screamed at me with such ferosity as to have me double over in "holy moly" pain ??
Pain that made me reach for the phone in sincere worry that I had damaged you in some way?
Had you slipped? Were you stuck and couldnt get out? I thought I had done everything that you demand?

I'm glad my fears were relieved and that it was you being mad and screaming at me, so liquids for 4 days it will be !
I will do what you ask in hopes that our friendship remains and that a reward on the scale this week is not too much to ask ?!!


Kristin said...

Oh NOOOOOOO. So wait, the doc said to just stay on liquids, or did they take some fluid out? Sorry about that, it sounds miserable. You cracked me up about your mom being not happy when you eloped - too funny!

Linda said...

Jacquie - Just stay on liquids and let any swelling you have go down. When I look back on my over fill in December, I totally pushed it with food and caused more problems. Just be careful!

Dinnerland said...

I am SOOO sorry this happened.... hope you feel better soon and that the other issue we discussed gets worked through too.

THE DASH! said...

It always surprises the heck out of me how such a little amount can make a huge difference. I hope you're ok now.. ouch to the tummy ache.

Jennifer said...

I hope you feel better soon and that you get a good loss on the scale as a bonus for all liquids for 4 days.

Nicole said...

Hope you are feeling better STAT!

Girl Bandit said...

Oh dear...take care and lets hope you are not overfilled

Gen said...

Such a tiny amount to cause such problems! Sorry. Hopefully it will calm down - and maybe 4 days of liquids will give you a little boost in the scale department!

Thanks for your always-sweet comments on my blog. You are too much.

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