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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Great and weird NSV, plus my "mental" restriction

First of it was butt cold here this morning !!! I had a painful laugh this morning when I looked at the forecast and it was actually warmer in SE Alaska (30 deg) then it was here this morning.. I was like are you serious !!??? So on went the thermals ( did I mention how much I hate the thermals!! ARRGH!) and off to work I went.
At the train station my company offers a shuttle service, and they usually have 2 shuttle buses running. Today we got 1 bus and a van. Now I have a history with this van !! For the longest time due to my weight I would cringe every time I saw this van because I knew that it represented a very uncomfortable and embarrassing experience. Just getting in and out of the tight rows was a total embarrassing pain. So imagine my immediate annoyance at seeing the van this morning!! Well in I went and OMG! it was a total non-issue !!! I comfortably went right in and sat in the middle of the middle row and felt totally comfortable..I had such a great smile that I think the driver thought I was flirting with him ( LOL!!) High five for me !!!
Later during lunch time I went to the gym as usual and was taking a new step class with the same aerobics instructor that does my thursday Step & Sculpt class. I don't know if it's a combination of the new hair with the more recent changes, but afterward she comes up to me and says " you did great today...is this your first time taking step?" I looked at her perplexed and said "Debbie, I been taking your other class for months !" She totally dropped her jaw and apologized and said that she hardly recognized me and that I was looking so amazing !! It was a rather awkward NSV for me, because I was so pleased that someone else had noticed my changes but not ready for the not being recognized. I know that this has happened to other bandsters and I guess its one of those side effects of a new me....not that I'm complaining !!

I guess these challenges are paying off after all !!

So about the mental restriction. I think ( knock on wood) that I'm at my ideal fill level and have actually moved my next fill appt till the 25th from this friday. ( Hey Jen BTW when is your next appt ?). I know I've had restriction for awhile but mentally it is still a struggle for me to grasp just how much of a restriction I have. Lately I've been serving myself the same portions and not finishing them, and I've been eating a little too fast with some foods ( lean ham, chicken and plantains) and have had some recent PB episodes. Dinner today was fine but only ate 3/4 cup of what I put on the plate. Just wondering if anyone else is having a "mental" issue with getting the restriction ??


THE DASH! said...

What a brilliant NSV lol Well, both of them as a matter of fact. Not being recognised, while a little embarrassing, has to have its up side. You are changing.. and for the better!!

Nawlinz Lady (Dee) said...

I so wanna not be recognized! lol Congrats on that awesome NSV!

Colls said...

What amazing NSVs! I totally understand about the van. My problem - the seats on the trains. I can fit in them fine, but on some of the trains I don't fit completely in one seat, a little bit of me protrudes into the seat next to me. I won't dare sit there during rush hour, too embarrassing. Boo hoo, I can't wait until I can see a three seater and know that I can fit there with two other people!

You have lost so much weight, it was only a matter of time that someone wouldn't recognize you! Great job, can't wait for the challenge!

meandmygizmo said...

That's funny!! Who are you and how long have you been taking my step classes? haha! And the van story ~ high five for you!! ;-)

jennyr1222 said...

Great NSV's!! I don't currently have a fill scheduled. Haven't had once since Nov 19th. But that's why I want to try the meat test. I feel like while I have good restriction while I'm eating, I still get hungry within a couple of hours. NOW, I'm not sure if I'm truly hungry or just head hungry because I don't notice it at work when I busy as much as I do at home when I'm bored. I'm halfway through my 4 oz of turkey now so I'll see how long my full feeling lasts and determine if I'll make an appt or not. ;-)

Nicole said...

Great NSV!! I have a fill on the 13t not sure if they will put more in or not?!

Looking forward to sunday!

Karen said...

Hey Jac!

Wow..... it's a NSV jungle up in here! The van, the step class..... you are certainly working the band!! :D

Love that little blinky at the top of the blog for the challenge this Sunday!! You motivate me every day!!



Tiffani said...

Awww, what a great NSV :) I'm jealous that you can go to the gym on your lunch break! How perfect is THAT?!

THE DASH! said...

Hey Chicklett,

Me again.. In regards to the size of the tablets I would say they are about the diameter of a rubber on top of a pencil and not terribly thick. Maybe double size of a birth control pill - brown in colour and easy to swallow. I'm not sure they are making a huge amount of difference yet... my nails do seem to have improved a bit - they are growing nicely again, but the hair thing? Pfft.. I think its the Nioxin helping most with that. Though that said, its still not the way it was. I think I need more time to let things happen. Impatient anyone? lol

Hope this helps
Cara xx

Elliana said...

Loved your post especially about your instructor not recognizing you...take it as a compliment and run or jump with it! I still haven't emailed you re the challenge. That's next after I update my blog.

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