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Monday, January 11, 2010

Let the losing begin....

WOW ! What a great turn out for this second challenge !! I am soooo excited to see how this will play out. We have a total of 15 losers all bidding for the gold. For those of you who would like to join our clan of losers there is still time since week # 2 weight ins aren t due till sunday but please get them in by tomorrow morning.
This time around we have such a wonderfully diverse group from all parts of the country ( as far as i can tell) so to try to accommodate time zone differences please just get your weights in to me by 10 pm your time and I will update and post the results monday evening. Also because we have such a wide range of weights it was suggested by several of the participants that we calculate based on percentage of weight loss instead of actual number. This will be calculated in the following manner:

(starting weight)- (current weight)
_________________________________ X 100 = % of weight loss
(Starting weight)

If no one has any objections to this than we will go with that. If you do please feel free to comment, and we will go with majority rule. So at the end of the challenge on March 1st the winner will be the loser with the biggest % of weight loss.

Here is the list of all the LOVEly losers. I will try to link their blogs to the spreadsheet later this week.

So here we go girls...let's show the scale who's the boss !!!

Jacquie 202.4
Karen 273.6
Jenny S 216.5
Heidi 280
Linda 219.8
Nicole W 289.2
Colls 237
Concrete Rose 184.4
Gen 196.2
Kay Vee 261.4
Southern Girl 199.4
Nicole H 185.2
Kristen W 207.5
Nawlinz Lady 186.5
Jen 205.6


Kathi said...

Percentage is the fairest way to go! I'm all for it, and you can call me Kathi...KayVee! :) I'm very excited to be challenged this way! I'm sure it will help us all!

Nicole said...

Thanks AGAIN for putting this on!
Percentage is great!

Linda said...

I love have to send my weight somewhere each week.It keeps me accountable.

Kristen said...

*wow* what an awesome turn-out, I am so pumped for this! Hoping it gives me the kick in the butt I need! I'm all for % as well. Let's go girls!

Nicole said...

kick me in the butt while you are at it!

Anonymous said...

Percentage sounds great to me. Thanks so much for doing this...competition is a good thing I am hoping it will kick my behind in gear!

Debi said...

I agree with the way that you are working the contest. I just wish that I had the courage to do it too. Maybe next time.

The Secret diaries of .... said...

Cant wait to join any future challenges once I am banded!!!! xxx Good luck all !

Gen said...

Cool! Thanks for doing this again! Percentage is great!

Yana said...

Can I still join? I tried to take a photo, but my camera is being stubborn and won't upload to the computer?

I weighed in at 268.5 lbs.


TJ said...

I was away this weekend so I didn't join. I just got caught up reading my blogs and saw that it was openned until today. I know it is a little past the morning deadline, but can I still join? I can send my picture tomorrow (unless you want me to sent an afternoon weigh pic, but I will wiegh more).

Kristin said...

Thanks for talking me off the ledge tonight. I'm not quite ready to join this challenge, but I'll be looking for the next one. GOOD LUCK, Challengers!

The Former Fat Girl said...

Debi- you have the courage to do this...you've gotten through the biggest step of getting banded. You can ask any of the ladies this is all about support, accoutability and fun. Regardless if you lose 1 pound or 30, you're already a wonderful loser in our eyes...so come on and do it !!!

Yana & TJ- I'll add you to the list. TJ I need this weeks weight and then both of you remember to send me your weights on sunday.

All my family of losers- let's rock this !!!

Debi said...

Thanks for the encouragement, I will definitely try to do it next time!! Right now I am just still so overwhelmed! I still have not caught up on everyone's blogs yet either! But I am really trying to get caught up!!

Good luck everyone!!

Karen said...

Totally cool with percentage..... it's what they do on Biggest Loser, so it's obviously got some credibility :)

I'm stoked that there's a bunch of us time time!!!! Rock on everyone!!

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