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Saturday, January 9, 2010

My own superhero

I AM MY OWN SUPERHERO !!...It started as a joke between the hubby and myself but the more I thought about it afterwards it made sense. Why the hell not ?? Dont superhero's go out and save the day ? Don't they perform acts of heroism and save those desperately in need?? Dont they face monsters and demons ?? Well I think in this journey I've accomplished all of that !! ( And I know you guys understand that this isnt self indulgence!!)
The way I see it we are all our own superheroes !! Most of us prior to this transformation sat there day after day just eating ourselves to death. Desperate for a solution to the health and emotional problems and desperate for a breath of fresh air ( for me it was literal with my asthma) from the constant digging ourseleves into a bigger hole. Low and behold we all made a decision and into the OR walked in one girl and out walked a superhero !! One who was gonna take this fight all the way and use all of her powers to beat this thing. The girl who walked out was going to stand firm against the hunger demons and to the cookie, soda etc etc monster and chase them away that is the work of a superhero..and I AM MY OWN SUPERHERO !!

So here comes the funny part..I figured that every superhero should have a theme song and to me it totally ties in with the other motivating tidbits that we've been doing with the word or phrase for the year...right? So I decided on a song that not only gets my pumping at the gym but that describes the superhero that has replaced that sad and desperate lonely girl that use to live in my mirror !! Because the girl that lives in my mirror now..man is SHE A SEXY CHICK !! click the highlighted title to see the video


THE DASH! said...

LOVE IT!! I can so see you doing your 'thang' in the mirror to that great song. It's very catchy... and yet.. a little strange lol

Nicole said...

LOVE IT!! Love that song! You are a superhero! love your theme song! I need to get one :)

Dinnerland said...

Yep, you are a superhero, keep on fighting the good fight with a great attitude!

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