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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pound for Pound Challenge..Join me

I know many of you watch the biggest loser so you may have heard of this and may have even signed up ! But I wanted to get the word out there of a wonderful challange being sponsored by The Biggest Loser..The Pound for Pound Challange. This is a challange that not only does wonders for ourselves but it also allows us to help others as well. It's easy to sign up and pledge a weight loss..up to 50 lbs and for every pound pledged and loss 14 cents will be donated to your local food bank feeding the hungry in your community.

With all the focus on helping those less fortunate and realizing how truly fortunate we are and sometimes how truly selfish we are ( Which I am TOTALLY guilty of!!) This is a great way to do something for those that go hungry everyday in our own backyards. It sometimes is so easy to forget that there are hundreds of children whose only meal sometimes comes from their school lunch.. yeah in America of all places..the land where many of us dont bat an eye about spending $5 for a chai latte ( GUILTY AS CHARGED and totally ashamed of myself!!)

So I am pledging to work my butt of not only for me...for a change..but to help others that dont have the luxury of chossing to eat less ...will you join me ??

Please visit the Pound for Pound challenge website for information on how to register ( it's free) and sign up for your local food bank.


Gen said...

Cool! I did it. They sent my pledge to Colorado Springs, which is like 5 hours away from here...but Colo. is in 10th place, not bad! I am happy to help. Thanks Jacquie!

seckert08 said...

I just now am reading your prayer request and I stand in agreement with you that God will open doors that only HE can open and close doors that only HE can close!

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