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Saturday, January 2, 2010

My reflections for a new year

First off..HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE !! as I sit here writing this post from my new favorite toy...It turns out that Santa dressed up as my hubby and left me a new iMAC !!! YAY !! Santa said that it was because I had been such a good girl this year and that he was so proud of me for being so strong and determined in getting to my goals !!! THANKYOU SANTA I LOVE YOU !!!

I've been reading a lot of your blogs and it seems like we all have the same sentiments in mind. The one that I found that really rung a bell with me was how most of us are refusing to set new years resolutions because they have left such bad tastes in our mouths years past. So I will also not set a resolution but I will set a path to the goals that I WILL achieve this year.

i had previously posted on how I was choosing ALLOW as my "spirit" word for the year and it that frame of mind my main goal for this coming year will be " To ALLOW myself to be beautiful" . It's funny how the physical word affects the mental and the spirit, so what I mean by allowing myself to be beautiful is to finally convince myself that the girl that was bound and shackled for so long inside this physical prison can stand up, dust herself off and smile. That she can run free, with no worries about what others are saying or what others are thinking because she's strong and confident and knows it !! This year I want to be beautiful in my natural way with no need for material things to tuck, or cover or aid, but I want to be beautiful by finally feeling comfortable in my own skin and being able to smile knowing that I am beautiful just the way I am !!

2009 for me will most certainly go down in the books as a memorable year. Because it was in 2009 that I discovered that I could do the impossible, that I could take back control of my life and that I could save my own life !! I started the year feeling fearful and hopeless not knowing what was gonna happen or how much more I would sink into my pit of dispair. I hated looking in the mirror, I never allowed myself to smile, I was always depressed and unhappy and bringing down my relationships with it. But most of all I was headed for a life of diabetes, PCOS and a slew of other medical complications. But I learned how to say NO to all the outside factors that I was allowing to control my life and to say IT"S MY TURN !! and I did some pretty marvelous things:
* I changed my eating habits and realized all the crap that I was putting into my body
* I realized that just because it's there doesn't mean that I have to eat it
* I took my first steps on an elliptical and realized..this is fun !! Whoever thought I would enjoy sweating?
* I realized that I have the power to make these changes...and that I always did
* I lost 60 LBS !!!!! My god that's like 3 toddlers !!!
* I lost 3 pants sizes and finally need to wear a belt and added some extra holes at the other end for a change
* I can wear heels again, because I finally found my ankles
* Mirrors are no longer an agent of the devil...I kinda of like looking at myself now ( LOL)
* Discovered this wonderful concept called...flexibility WOW !!
* Realized that it was possible to bend over and tie my shoes without almost passing out
* Looked down one day and holy sugar saw that I have toes..( and that they needed a pedicure!)

All in all I really can't wait to see what else I can accomplish in 2010...maybe Onderland...BRING IT IT"S ON !!!!



Debi said...

Yes this will be your year to reach your goal weight! You are looking fantastic now, so I can only imagine how well you will look at goal! By the way, I love that red dress you are wearing in the photo!

The Secret diaries of .... said...

wow what an amazing year you have had.. Your post brought tears to my eyes.. I think I am where you were in the start of 2009.. I can only hope to have half the sucess you have had! I'll be banded in March and I cant wait! Congrats xx

ToomuchRN said...

Congrats on your success. Keep up the positive attitude. By the Way you will make it to Onderland this year. Love your post.

THE DASH! said...

Great list of good things that happened for you in 2009. Now 2010 will be even better because hopefully you will reach goal weight. How great would that be!!

Nawlinz Lady (Dee) said...

Look at you sexy mama in your red dress! While none of us have to diet anymore, New Years is still a time of renewed determination for all of us! :)

Dinnerland said...

Looking awesome!!!

Nicole said...

LOOKING HOT!!! Love the Red Dress!! I just posted pictures of New years day 09 and new years day this year OMG! It's amazing and we are only 4 months!!


jennyr1222 said...

You look amazing and we are definitely doing pedicures soon!! xoxo

Linda said...

You look amazing Jacquie- such an inspiration!
You are so close to onederland, I think you'll get there this month.

Anonymous said...

tremendous effort paying off like you probably didn't even believe it would. all the best to you in the next year!

liz said...

I am very proud of you amiga. Keep up the good work! You look awesome! Tell santa he did well.

Heather said...

I am very belatedly catching up on blogs! You look so fab here. What a major accomplishment. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

I've meant to post this sooner...it is a story I have to share with you. I have been so happy for you on this journey from the begining. One night my husband asked me how you were doing and I told him you were doing well and that you were loosing a little every week. It was then when my youngest son Jimmy said, "No mom, don't you mean Jacquie is winning every week!" JIMMY IS RIGHT! Congratuatlions Jacqui - you are a winner every week! Keep up the great work! We all love you! Darleen

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