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Monday, January 4, 2010

Okay Ladies...here we go it's the LOVE TO LOVE MYSELF loser challenge !!

The response that I got for a new challange was excellent and I am soooo excited that I've got some many great losers
to do this with so here it is lady challange # 2 the " LOVE TO LOVE MYSELF" Losers challange. Gen has very graciously offered to host the prize for this challange...THANKS GEN !! Make sure to check out her blog and how awesome she is rocking by clicking on the link here

Okay so here are the challenge rules:

1. Challenge starts this SUNDAY Jan 11th. and ends SUNDAY FEB 28th.
2. Weight in days are SUNDAYS, please make sure to email me (mrscutecuban@gmail.com) your weeks weight by 8 pm SUNDAY night so that I can post your numbers for the week.
3. Please include a picture of you on the scale, on the FIRST and LAST week of the weight in's. PLEASE NOTE the painted toe clause...your scale pics might be posted so prepare the toes accordingly ( LOL).
4. The challenge prize will go to the biggest loser meaning the person who loses the most weight from challenge week # 1

Gen had a wonderful concept for this to be a LOVE TO LOVE ME challenge. I think that this is incredibly appropriate and a great start to this magical year. I think that it is a concept that might be foreign to many of us. I know that I had forgotten how to love myself. I was content just blending into the background where i could hide from the real world, the mirrors, the camera, social parties and situations because I was just so damn ashamed that I had let myself get to the point where I was at...Well that it the case NO LONGER !!! I have already learned that I got what it takes ! That I got the power and that I am in control and that I WILL LOVE MYSELF..ALL OF ME !!

One of the girls from the previous challenge ( She will remain anonymous) had emailed me and confessed that she felt that she really wasn't an inspiration with her loss and I want to completely DISAGREE !! She was and is a complete inspiration to many. An inspiration to those ladies and gents out there who are sitting on the couch right now, wondering how they can get there life back. She is an inspiration to that person thinking that there is no solution and that this is how it will always be from now on, so I minus will just accept it and my answer is NO !! You got up off the couch, got the courage and took a dramatic step and made the decision to say it's my time !!!


Barbara said...

I like the concept of peer pressure. I'm in.. where do I sign up?

Nicole said...

I am in AGAIN!!

The Former Fat Girl said...

Great ! I'm looking forward to "competing" with all my favorite losers again

1- Email me your weight and scale picture starting this Sunday to mrscutecuban@gmail.com
2- then email me your weight every sunday before 8 pm. The scale pic is only on the first and last weight in.

Gen said...

Was "love to love me" really my idea? I thought you suggested it first. Well either way, great idea! Very excited to get started. Are we doing a VS gift cert this time? Sounds V-Day appropriate!

I am not very comptetitive, so I don't worry about winning, but its fun to keep track anyway and try to do well. Imagine how much smaller we will all be in a month!

Nawlinz Lady (Dee) said...

I cannot really compete with losses, mine are always so slow. But the competition will be motivating and fun!

Kristen said...
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Kristen said...

Hi, I just found your blog, and I am so excited to catch up on all your progress! I was banded on 8/14, and am losing slow and steady.

I would love to join your challenge, it'll be fun! Look for an email from me this Sunday :)

Karen said...

I'm so totally IN again! Loved the last challenge..... you guys make me feel accountable!!!!

Maybe that's my ONE word for 2010? Accountable

Kathi said...

I got a digital camera for Christmas so now I can be IN! YEAH, I'm thinking a pedicure is in order though...note to self, pics might show up, clean up the feet view! :) Looking forward to it.

Elliana said...

I am in too. I think this will be good fun :-)

seckert08 said...

I missed this post. I'm behind on my blogging but thank you for being such an ENCOURAGER to all of us! Can't wait to see how everyone does!

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