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Friday, August 21, 2009

Back to work and back to my normal self !!!

So today ends my first week back to work and the first day that I've really felt like my self again !! YAY (well at least for the feeling like myself again, I could've stayed at home a while longer IMHO!!!)
It was funny and intresting trying to tiptoe myway through all the questions on where had I been for a week ?? I chose to only tell VERY select few friends at work and have been using the "Oh I had surgery for a hernia" story...what? It isnt a lie, I did have a hatial hernia repaired..so !

I honestly feel really good and have been making some progress....
1) I'm down a total of 20lbs ( I havent lost this much weight in the last 3 years, OMG!!) 15 of those pounds from pre-op and the other 5 this past week.
2) I started mushies and no vomiting (YAY!!) I was really scared that I would since I was scared that I would be eating the wrong way and not slow enough...etc...etc
3) My clothes is already fitting sooo much better !! I had forgotten what it was like to put on a pair of jeans without having to suck in my gut to button them up !!! ( Double YAY!!)

Although I think I need to go back to tracking my calories and making sure I get in the protein and the liquids. It's just so hard to take down that protein...I have yet to find a protein mix that is tolerable..YUCK!! Any ideas people ??

So all in all I think it's been a pretty good week!!!


jennyr1222 said...

You don't need protein shakes to get your protein. I get plenty of protein on mushies between the beans and cottage cheese, eggs etc. I've averaging 65-70 grams a day. No more protein shakes for me!!

The Former Fat Girl said...

Thnx Jen...I guess I need to start tracking more intake now that I'm back on mushies...YAY no more yucky protein shakes !!!

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