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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tommorow is the day !!

WOW ! I cant beleive that this time tommorow I get banded !! and right now I am a big mix of emotions ! I am super excited to be getting this done because I know that I'm taking back control of an aspect of my life that has eluded me for so looonnggg !! But like any normal person I'm also nervous and anxious of what's involved and the whole procedure. Especially considering I've never been in an hospital...especially for surgery or anything like that. The closest is Lasik Surgery.
All my girls on my support forum have had positive expereinces and am looking foward to joining that group. It's going to change alot of things in my life, but I know that it's all for the better. I'm telling you it'll be a relief to not feel hungry ALL the feaking time and to know that I can stop and think about what I'm going to put into my mouth without needlessly just shoving food in there cause I'm starving !! WOW, that's gonna be so awesome !!!

okay people..here's to getting my sexy back !!! See ya later !!


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