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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Darleen...my angel in disguise !!

This process has taught me ALOT about people ! First off I told VERY few people about this to being with ( including my best friend of a lifetime) simply because of the fact that I know alot of people view this surgery very differently, especially if they have never had a weight problem in their life !! ( this isn't the case with my bestfriend, I just havent told her cause I want to surprise her with the new slimmer me in a couple of months !! I hope she doesn't get mad !!)
The chosen few that I have told are those that would understand my decision because they understand me and love me !! Some of them share the same issues I do with my weight, while others have never had an issue over post-pregnancy weight but still have been there for me every step of the way with a hug, or an internet search looking for new info, the little things that matter !! Others that I had mentioned that I was thinking about the surgery months ago and thought and expected would be there for me...sadly just dont get it and havent been there at all, which is why I chose to not share my final decision about the surgery and the date.

One person in particular has been my rock of support and my angel in disguise..my friend Darleen !! I always knew that Darleen was a true friend and a one of a kind incredible person, but what she has done for me during this process just goes beyond words !! Dar took it upon herself to volunteer to do the liquid diet with me so I wouldnt feel alone and alienated...who makes that kind of sacrafice needlessly ?? I mean c'mon !! then on top of that she's been making sure that I incorporate excercise into my day and goes with me to the gym 3 times a week. Then if all that wasn't the work of a saint, on my last day at work friday, she gave me a incredibly thoughtful giftbag that she put together with yoga bands and walking DVD's ( since I cant do rough workouts for 6 weeks post op), an album so that I can record my journey !! tThe level of support and comprehension and the just being there to listen and pick me up when I was having a "rough" day, without judgements or anything but an open heart, I know has made the difference in me getting to the point that I have and made it possible for me to go in on monday without being completely terrified !!

Dar- if you ever read this..I dont even know how to say thank you !! Thank you just sounds so cheap and inadequate for what you have given me !! You are my rock and I love you for your genuine little things that make a differrence. I know that I couldn't have gotten this far without you !! Your mom must have the greatest smile up in heaven now knowing that all her struggles paid off and that she raised an incredible human being !!! THANK YOU !!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU !!!!


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