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Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Pre-Op Diet...YAY..NOT !!!

So know that I have my approval( which I am totally stoked about) comes that begining of the hard stuff, the PRE-OP DIET..can we say YAY !!! So what do I get to enjoy on this wonderful diet you say?? Well I'm so glad you asked... I get a whopping 1000 calories a day of liquids ! and not just any liquids, I get High protein, low cal. low carb protein shakes...yummy !!! With this also comes xnay to the sodas and fruit juice, ice cream, pasta, rice, yummy pernil and steaks and mashed potatoes and.....well you can just imagine, just about everything that is yummy and delicious. I do get to have 2 cups a day of veggies in case I am not satisfied by just the protein shakes ( I can't imagine how I wouldn't..right ??!!!)


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