What the scale says...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

YAY !! I've lost 10 lbs !!!

So I've had to combat my fear of the scale during this pre-op diet to track my progress and am soooooooo estatic and excited to say that this damn thing actually works, I've lost 10 lbs !! OMG !! I can't remember the last time I actually said those words..I LOST WEIGHT !!

Trust me this hasnt been an easy 10 lbs, but it's been a very informative, educational and tough 2 weeks !!! It's intresting to see that after the first 4 days which were murder, I stopped craving alot of the things that I swore I couldn't live without !! That of course doesnt mean that I wouldn't kill for a plate of Arroz con habichuelas and some yummy pernil and tostones with a side of aguacate !! OMG !! What I would do for that !!! But alas this is the new me, and the new me needs to pay attnetion to her body, so off for another yummy protein shake it is !!!


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