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Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Insurance approval..AHHHH !!!

Okay so I had heard from others that this was gonna be a PROCESS...but I neer imagined how much of a process it ended up being. The fact that it is sooo complicated to begin with is just ridiculous to me !! Common it's just common sense that an approval of a procedure that is virtually guaranteed to work in conquering the weight that is causing sooo many other health issues would be a no-brainer. Think about what a life of diabetic medications and complications alone would cost an insurance company...but oh well !!

So this is what is takes:

  • Attending an information seminar at your surgeon's practice to get all the nitty gritty details on what exactly you are getting yourself into
  • 6 months worth of doctor's visits detailing a medically supervised diet and charting your progress. These visits MUST be no less than 31 days apart BUT no more than 32 days apart. You miss one month and you need to start all over again
  • letters of reccomensation from your doctor stating why this is necessary and probably the only viable option for you to lose weight
  • proof of co-morbidities ( meaning proof of asthma, sleep apnea, hypertension or diabetes 2)
  • A history of at least 2 years of morbid obesity, meaning that you are about 60-100 lbs over your ideal reccomended weight and a BMI over 39.9
  • A visit to a psychiatrist to make sure that you know what you re getting yourself into and that you can handle the change in lifestyle that you are about to enter
  • A visit to the nutrionist to learn how your eating habits will change through the different phases of the process

After all THAT is done then you turn in your paper work to your surgical coordinator and hope that she does her job!! Mine almost didnt and mixed up my surgery dates !!! YES I DID WANT TO STRANGLE HER !!!!

BUT...luckily after a week of bitting my nails and living with a swarm of bees in my stomach I got the call that I was APPROVED...so August 10th..HERE I COME !!!


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