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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Protein shakes SUCK !!!

Since this is gonna be the bulk of my diet for the next 2 weeks I decided to try a bunch of different protein shakes to find one that I could like. So here goes the list trial:

  1. Jay Robb Choclate protein shake- One word YUCK !!! OMG this was horrible. It tasted like they took a can of splenda and added some choclate sprinkled on top and put it in the tub.
  2. Green Foods protein shake from Whole Foods- OMG I couldnt get this out of my mouth fast enough !!! Imagine blending together broccoli, spinach, kelp and every other sour tasting green you could imagine and then blending it with choclate minus the sugar...yea..yum right??!!!
  3. Nature's Best Spiru-tein in choclate- Finally SUCCESS !! Something that was actually tasty and drinkable. The only thing is that you REALLY need to mix it because it clumps alot !! But becareful this is made from Soy protein, which I evenually found out doesnt work for me and was given me very frequent and noisy farts !!!
  4. Kelloggs Protein K shakes ( in choclate of course!!) These were great !! Easy to drink since they came ready made, great to take on the train. No gas issues and taste really good, as long as you SHAKE, SHAKE and SHAKE some more
  5. Atkins Low Carb RTG protein shakes- Great portability and great taste, but again soy protein so...fartty !!!
  6. Slim Fast Optima- Finally SUCCESS yet again and no farts !! HOORAY
  7. Unjury Whey protein shakes- I just order this one since everyone seems to REALLY reccommed this brand. On top of that it comes with a money back guarantee so can't hurt right.


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