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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cape Cod...My First trip post surgery

Hola people ! So I just got back from Cape Cod on Sunday night, it was my first real trip anywhere more than an hour since the surgery in August. I was a little apprehensive wondering how I was gonna handle eating in a restuarant without the comfort of my usuals i.e. yogurt etc etc. But all in all it was a great trip with no food issues what so ever.

We did an AMAZING whale watch trip. Completely mind blowing !! I had done a whale watch in Alaska in June but nothing could prepare me for the sheer number of whales that were coming so incredibly close to the boat. Got TONS of great tail shots and even saw a breach, even though I couldn't catch it in time. The only thing was that there were ALOT of other people trying to get the same shots so a little crowded. If you want to take a look at the pics click HERE.

Okay onto the food. Had some GREAT fish at the Lobster pot in Provincetown. Even though they served me a HUGE portion of delicious Parmesan-panko crusted Cod I ate about a little more than a 1/4, with some Orzo and 1/2 cup of salad and was more than satisfied and able to have the rest packed away with no remorse, pressure etc etc. Breakfast was at Chach's Dinner. GREAT coffee, great french toast ! eat 1/2 of one and about 1/2 cup of home fries and was good to go..my honey finished the rest.

It felt great to be able to go away and eat at restaurants and not have any issues of food pressure of not being able to find something to eat. I'm slowly getting more use to the idea that this is not a diet and that I can have anything....of course while making good choices!!


jennyr1222 said...

Sounds like a great trip! Have you had your second fill yet??

The Former Fat Girl said...

Hey Jen, my second fill is on monday afternoon with Gaspar. Hope it goes smoothly.

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