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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Going backwards sucks !!!!

Since I got my first fill yesterday my surgeon (as I'm sure most do) require 2 days of liquids plus 2 days of mushies right after a fill. I had been enjoying my soft regular foods for the past week and then BAM...back to the world of starving and liquids, just as I had found my new favorite things ( steamed dumplings...oh how I crave you right now !!!). Planning on the mashed potatoes and refired beans w cheese tommorow but right now about to enjoy an ice cream bar...I know I shouldnt but I figured since my calorie intake yesterday was only 600 and today with dinner was only 480, I can splurge a little and have an ice cream bar..Dont crucifi me on this one, please !!

Todays menu:

  • 1.5 cups of skim plus milk (calories: 180)
  • 1 cup of strained liquified lentil soup (calories: 150)
  • 1 cup of strained liquified lentil soup (calories: 150)


Gen said...

OMG steamed dumplings sound so good! Ice cream bar too!

The good news is you will probably lose several pounds with this mushy phase again. Good luck!

The Former Fat Girl said...

Thanks Gen ! Weight in is tommorow and as long as I loose that pesky 1.5 lbs keeping me from the 10% loss mark I'll be elated !!

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