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Friday, September 4, 2009

Long overdue post & updates

Hello my losties ( Im a BIG LOST fan btw, but thought it was appropriate !)
I know I've been neglecting my blogging duties but things have been a little hectic !!! School started back up
for me ( I'm pursuing my masters in molecular bio) and these next 2 semesters are gonna be doseys!!

Well during my absence let's see what happened:
  • I am only 1 freaking pound away from my 10% goal..can u beleive it ??? and of course why would my weight loss be the same as it was before ?? Nope it has slowed to a creeping 1.5 lbs just shy of my goal. I know this is what is expected but given the weight loss I've been seeing I really thought that I was gonna get to that milestone this week
  • I officially cleared out my closet of the size 20's and all the XXL shirts !! WOW that felt REAL good !!!
  • I started mushies last monday ( YAY!!) but is anyone else having the same issues where all the chewing really makes the chicken etc etc not desierable to swallow ?? I am chewing it VERY well about 30-40 times but by the time I got to swallow I would rather spit it out since it's a wad of yuckiness !!!
  • I also consequeently realized that I need to REALLY toast the bread since my last venture into toast didnt work out very well...if you know what I mean !!!
Okay I'll keep this short and promise to be better with the blogging !!!


Robyn said...

It's interesting you mention the over chewing, I think the same thing. I have been doing the insurance required surgery prep and over the past couple months have tried to implement behaviors I'll need once I get banded. I actually told my nutritionist that I don't like chewing food that much. I like having texture when I swallow and it's gross when it's over chewed! I was hoping I was maybe chewing more than necessary, but I guess I'll find out once I get the band.

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