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Friday, September 4, 2009

My new obsession and daily must have

So Jenny had mentioned how much she totally loved the FAGE greek yogurts and my immediate thought was to a very unfortunate tasting experience I had at my in-laws with some plain greek yogurt and thought...oh no !! But walking around Whole Foods the other day I saw that they had some honey and strawberry flavored ones and picked them up. CanI say OH MY GOD !!! THESE ARE THE BEST THINGS EVER !!!  I am soooooo totally hooked on these yogurts and cant wait for breakfast to have one !!! My favorite is the strawberry but the honey comes in a close 1.5 sec later ! and with a whole 10g of protein it's a definite WOO HOO  !!!



jennyr1222 said...

My pleasure!! I love them. I heard some bandsters on LBT saying that they didn't eat them because they had too much sugar, but to be honest I eat at least one every day and am still losing just fine. I'm not diabetic so I figure it's just fine! Strawberry is my fav with peach next. I've never been a honey fan so haven't even tried that one. YUMMY!

Gen said...

Hey FFG, thanks for joining my blog!!! What a lovely blog you have, very pretty!

I totally love Fage, discovered it a while ago and was very happy to learn it was lap-band friendly. Its like an awesome creamy dessert, right? YUM.

Need to catch up on your blog, thanks for inviting me here.

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