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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Good news about the ice cream bar...

You know considering that I have been pretty good about making the right choices and all, I REALLY thought that my first official "cheat" with the hagan daz bar yesterday would have made me feel like I was having a piece of heaven melt in my mouth !!! BUT you know what??? There was noting spectacular about it ! It was okay, but no fireworks and harp music in the background...I guess that's good right??!!! I guess in a way I conquered my anti-will power monster. Before this whole process I would have been like OMG..give me give me give me ( cookie monster style) but surprisingly enough I wasn't and feel like I can go quite a bit without having another one and no "OMG the world is ending" alarms are going off...ummm intresting indeed !!!

Maybe there is something to this lap band thing...ummmm (insert sarcastic chin rubbing image here)

Anyways I dont know if it's restriction or not..but today I've probably had a total of 2.5 cups of food total and Im not really hungry. It's been more of a mind game today though...I FEEL like I should be eating more just because it's so little, yet I'm not hungry for it...I guess this is where learning to read and follow what my band is telling me comes in. I'll get it eventually.

Tommorow is my official weekly weigh in day and I'm hoping for at least a 1.5lb loss so I can FINALLY get to that 10% loss goal...we'll see what tommorow brings

Good nite y'all !!


Gen said...

Very cool, I am experiencing the not really hungry thing, and all day long I walk around thinking, "Oh, so this is how thin people feel!"

I predict a big loss for you!

La Familia Crespo said...

I wish I could say no to an Ice Cream Bar or even chocolate for that matter

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