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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

sorry for my abandoment...and some other ramblings

Hola People ! I know I've been neglectful..once again !! I just cant seem to cram in everything I need to be doing lately. My scrapbook from the Alska trip is still sitting there waiting for me to get started..I have books half read all over the place ( and I just got my new "The Lost Symbol" by Dan Brown..so excited!!!), class on wednesday is just really kicking my butt, Im preforming well but it has really been a challange to get all that damn reading in !! 4 incredibly boring scinetific research papers a week !! SNORE !!! Is what usually happens midway through the second one ( okay ...the first one !!)

So as for my weigh in for this week...the scale moved but not really much I just got a 1 pound loss. Yeah I know I say it to people all the time that "at least its moving in the right direction.." but it STINKS !!! I was talking with my patient coordinator today and she was mentioning that I need to remember that my weight is going to fluctuate with my cycle so to be patient !! ( a virtue I was not born with !!). So officially I am at a 30.5 lb loss. I'm still pretty darn proud about myself and I really feel great and my body is really starting to improve...so much so that the hubby is starting to make comments ( which feels REAL GOOD!!!)

I had my monthly support group meeting today and learned quite a number of great tips, which I will post seperately since this is getting a little lengthy !!!


Gen said...

Hey you just made it to 30 lbs, thats awesome! I am trying to learn to love the 1 lb loss too. Hubby making comments is a big NSV! Way to go!

DawnB said...

30 is awesome - congrats to you :)

ThePoolGirl said...

30+ pounds is great weight loss! WTG. Hard to be patient for sure. But it'll happen. Let me know how the Dan Brown book is...can't wait to read it.

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