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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm doing The Walk From Obesity--Please Donate if you can !!!

Dear Friends,
Like all of you very well know and understand, obesity has been an issue all my life. The last time I was considered "normal" was probably freshman year in highschool. Now that I have the tools to take back my health and my life, I want to help others that maybe in the same or worse situation that I was when I made this great decision.
On Sunday Sept 13th I will be joining thousands of other New Yorkers taking part in The Walk From Obesity in Central Park. This walk  that is sponsored by the ASBS Foundation and the Obesity Action Coaliation. will help in the efforts to fight one of the nation's leading causes of death and disability as well as provide information to obese Americans on the options available to help them fight this frequently ignored killer.
My personal fundraising goal is $250 and would appreciate your financial sponsorship. If you are unable to help finaicially then please help spread the word on your blogs, or emails to your friends and family. Please visit my link below to make an online doantion.

Please click here to make a donation

If you live in the NYC area, please consider signing up for this 2 mile non-competitive walk and help promote the great efforts of this campaign.

Thanks in advance for your support of The Walk From Obeisty- together we CAN make a difference !!!


Angie said...

That's awesome! I wish I could join you, but since I can't, I'll send a bit of help your way! Sorry I can't send much - I'm a self-pay banded student, hehe, but I'm sure you'll reach your goal(S)!

Angie said...

eek I don't know your name so I can't search for you to make a donation!

The Former Fat Girl said...

Angie- Thanks so much !! Any amount will be appreciated. If cash is tight it will be just fine to help me get the word out and post it on your page with the link !!

I'll fix the link so that it goes straight to my page but if not click "sponsor a walker" on the left & then search for Jacqueline Dillon.

Many Thanks =)

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