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Friday, September 4, 2009

My first FILL !!

Today is day 24 post op and I got my first fill !!! Going to the office I had a mixed batch of emotions...happy to be getting a fill since I know its a crucial part of being successful with my band but also a little discontent knowing that I was going to have to go back to liquids for 2 days and then mushies before I could get to enjoy my new obsession steamed dumplings ( Rickshaw's dumplings on 23rd st & 6 ave..yum yum..but that's a seperate post). I have to say that the fill was rather quick and uneventful process. I went in, got weighed (down a 1.5 lbs!!) hopped up and assumed the postion ( crunch style) and was done within 5 minutes. It was sooo quick, didnt hurt at all, the nurse found the port immediately and injected 4.5 cc and it has to be THE ODDEST FEELING EVER !!! Feeling the port moving around and then the fluid traveling up the band..WOW WEIRD !!!

Feeling great but not happy to be sitting hear having thin soups all over again !! Next fill Oct 9th !!


Tiffani said...

Woohoo!!! let us know how it goes when you're on real foods :) good luck!!

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