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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Confused about my Wii fit age ??

I know a couple of you are also doing the wii fit as part of your excercise routine and I was wondering if you guys are also having this same issue with the fluctuating Wii fit age ?? I've been doing the body test and the balance/yoga and aerobics activities consistenly and getting some good numbers but my Wii age keeps fluctuaing almost on a daily basis !! One day it's 26 (woo-hoo) and then the next day it's 41 (WTF?!)


Gen said...

Can't help you since I don't have Wii Fit...But, do you like it? Would you recommend that I get it for the days I don't go running?

Anyone else?

jennyr1222 said...

Gen - I love it. Just got it about a month ago and while I haven't used it much this week, planning to get back to it tomorrow. It's just fun and you don't feel like it's taxing you!

Jacqui - since the Wii Fit age is mostly about balance I think it's just dependant on how "with it" you are that day, also maybe time of day? There are times when I do it in the morning and I'm not awake enough to stand up straight, focus on my feet, etc. and get a higher age. I really do think it's related to that....miss you! Hope you're well. Just realized that I never responded to an email you sent me, so planning to do that. Things have been CRAZY!

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